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  1. Yes, depends on how much and what you are trimming. When I bought my HSA86 they were the largest set of standard cordless trimmers that Stihl made. I used them for light - medium trimming jobs, anything too large had to be tackled with the petrol HS81R. I have been very impressed with how light they were and the battery life, typically around 3 hours on AP300 battery, two fully charged batteries keep me going all day hedge trimming and take just over 1 hour to charge from flat with AL300 charger. I bought the telescopic long reach HLA85 trimmers too, and was equally impressed with the performance. However, I have trimmed hedge for 3 seasons with both sets and have started to experience a few major problems towards the end of 2018 season. The microswitch in the front handle on the HSA86 started to play up and became intermitant in its operation and had to bypass the switch and permanantly connect to two wires to get working again on the job site. The HLA85 failed around October last year when I still had of hedge cutting jobs booked, hey failed whilst on a job so had to use the petrol trimmers to finish off. The problem was the worn gears, although the trimmers have an overload protection, I believe when the gears begin to wear the overload protection didn't seem to work well. The motor has an helical shaft that drives a large gear that in turn works the blades. You have to replace the whole motor and large gear, Stihl dealer got me price it was going to cost around £150 for parts + fitting, quoted me £350 for new trimmers, so bought a new set and kept old ones for spares. The HSA86 have now started to experience similar problems with the drive shaft and gears. I'm tempted to invest in the HSA94 T, would expect they are more robust for Pro use, but a lot more money and not strictly cordless as you need to carry battery on belt or backpack. I do like the HSA86 because they battery fits in the trimmers and definitely buy another set. The Stihl MSA200 chainsaw is pretty good too. Has anyone had similar problems with their cordless tools? Hope this may help those are considering going cordless.
  2. Where in Lincoln would you recommend? I'm trying to find somewhere closer, but if I can't I may need to look further. Would it be ok just filled with weld and machined down to size?
  3. No they didn't. TBH I sent them the photos to show what the problem was and they suggested a repair, but quoted me for new drum and bearings.....just incase, they have been quite helpful. I only bought the chipper in November last year and don't think looking at the bearing and shaft it was greased for a while. It was chipping but blades needed replacing as very worn, but sharp.
  4. Good evening, I wondered if anybody knew where I can get a chipper drum shaft repaired for a Jo Beau M400. It's a used/second hand machine and I went to fit new blades and found a problem with the drum. After stripping down the machine found one bearing was seized and this has worn the shaft where the shaft runs through the bearing at the pulley end. Having bought the blades and spares from Global Recycling (Jo Beau dealer) I contacted them to get a quote to for a new drum, as wasn't sure if it could be repaired. I was quoted £773.14 + VAT + delivery for new drum (will need pair of new bearing too). They have advised me to try to get it repaired locally, I'm near Derby. Anyone know any good engineering firms that do these sort of repairs? Neil
  5. I've recently bought a used Jo Beau M400 after a couple of years of deciding which machine to go for. I did look at both the Jo Beau and Greenmech CS100, but the Jo Beau came up on eBay at the right price. I'm not a arborist, but do garden maintenance, some small tree work and quite a lots of hedge reductions. A small chipper has made life a lot easier for me. There's a couple of Jo Beau chippers on eBay at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xjo+beau.TRS0&_nkw=jo+beau&_sacat=0


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