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  1. Yip that would work, may need to mount the kerb but by the looks of that photo the truck is comfortable doing that
  2. Jeez oh, honestly didn't mean to get anyones back up. Eh right, I don't have a car licence, a motorbike with a trailer while is an option, not a very good one. I also don't live in a rural area so I never see any farmers, nor are their many tree surgeons looking for their saws serviced. Thanks logsnstuff, I will definitely give that some thought, I cant remember if I said in my op but we just have a stove in the living room so I think that would do nicely for the winter. Also we live next to a main road with only a narrow gate as access, does your delivery truck have a crane that could pop it down in the garden?
  3. Hello everyone, found this site while browsing for firewood. I have checked the classified section and it has no listings for in Fife. I ideally am looking for lengths of trunk, preferably hardwood that I can cut and split myself, we have a small 5.5kw stove in the living room and ideally i am looking for a cheaper way to run it during the winter. My biggest issue is I do not have access to a trailer to get to sites. So if anyone can help please respond or send me a pm. P.S all those bams down in England who are getting free wood are lucky so and so's


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