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  1. Ok will try that, thanks
  2. Nothing side to side or up and down
  3. Hi mate thanks for the reply, there’s no movement in the fly wheel if I rotate it by hand it seems to stick slightly at one point but that’s all
  4. Hi everyone, my 125 has been making a bad knocking noise as if something is caught in the flywheel, took the blades off today to investigate and the back of the blades are worn down like they are catching. Looks as if they are catching on a bolt but I’ve tightened them all up and still knocking and catching the blades. Any one had this before?
  5. I agree totally mate I have no clue where to start with fixing it. How do I contact you in regards to getting it sorted?
  6. Ok thanks for everyone’s help, I will try the easy stuff but I think I’ll send it to someone who knows what they’re doing after that haha. Anyone recommend maintaince/repair specialists in the midlands?
  7. Hi guys got an oldish 200t that started playing up yesterday. If I press the throttle it starts to rev and then drops, if i keep on the throttle it will cut out and require choking to start again. I’m thinking it might be fuel related but I don’t know if anyone has had similar trouble, any help would be apreciated, cheers jack
  8. Hi all looking for some contacts to fill some free dates in January onwards based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham but happy to travel resonable distances, have 5 years experience, cs30,31,38,39. I also have a van chipper and saws etc if required. Most my experience is on the ground but I climb a bit aswell and always looking for chances to improve my skills, happy trimming and doing hedges also. I am reliable and hardworking not afraid to get stuck in. If you would like any more info or a chat please contact me anytime on 07800778577 Thanks jack
  9. hi, just wondering what size log bags people use? not ton bags but the smaller mesh ones for log sales? thanks
  10. Cheers for the replies lads, bearings seem to be what everyone is saying so sending it to the professionals to be repaired 👍 was hoping it might have been something minor but oh well
  11. Hi there wonder if anyone can help. Was chipping up yesterday and when it came to turning off the chipper was a strange noise while running on low revs, was like a knocking/squeeking noise. Had a closer look today and when i turn the flywheel back and forth by hand there is a whirring noise coming from the main shaft into the engine ( which then drives the belts). Anyone had anything similar can offer me some advice maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers jack
  12. hi all, im am 25 years old with 5 years experience looking for work in sutton coldfield and surronding areas. i have my own saws, rescue kit and am willing to travel. Any more info please contact me on 07800778577 thanks jack
  13. hi all, trying to fill a few days ive got spare in april, fully qualified groundie with 6 years experience. looking to fill 12th, 20th and 28th april, based in sutton coldfield thanks, jack 07800778577
  14. hello all, currently pricing a job in Wolverhampton, wondering if anyone knows of any arb waste sites nearby for a few loads of chip and maybe a few logs to cut down on mileage save hauling it back over my way, site is near oxley. thanks in advance if anyone can help.


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