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  1. Pman

    Rayco RG25

    HI thinking of selling my Rayco RG25 this year, but can't find anything else out there at the moment for price comparison, its a 2013 always privately owned not ex rental with just over 200hrs on it, any thoughts?
  2. Pman

    Stump grinding

    well just an update for re this job, I didn't get it, customer said I was substantially dearer than other company who had quoted £350, I have no interest in competing against prices like that but just so you know how the story ended. Thank you all very much for your assistance its much appreciated Pman
  3. Pman

    Stump grinding

    850 for 4 small stumps is very good money, grindings left I would provably charge in 400-450 range for that
  4. Pman

    Stump grinding

    many thanks for all your replies I have to be honest I did "dumb" the price down a little from my usual fixed price per stump and you are all right about the grindings I end up using bags of it as supports for the screens on windy days!!!!
  5. Pman

    Stump grinding

    Mostly poplar, (the larger stumps) and a few conifer, yes grindings removed on this one, Thanks for your reply
  6. Pman

    Stump grinding

    Have run stump grinders for a few years now and have predominately completed jobs involving between 1 and 10 stumps. Have been added to quote a job of 22 stumps the majority being 1-3 feet diameter the remainder 3-4 feet diameter the are also gas and electric services to be located site has good access. Has any one got any rough thoughts on what they would be looking to quote. Using my usual formula I arrived at £1500, two machines 2 men and underground service survey, what are peoples thoughts?? View full article
  7. Pman

    Small chipper

    Looking for a second hand small chipper, Greenmech CS 100, Janson Gts1500E, Jo-BEAU 300/400, type level, budget is flexible but not looking to pay nearly new prices. Anything?
  8. I run HLA 65 and 85 as well as HSA 85 on AP 300's with a 500 charger, I also ran the MS A 601T until they recalled it. I love them battery life has not been a problem because actual trigger time is far less than you think! For some reason, not sure why the battery has come loose twice on the HLA85 over the last week so I'll be keeping an eye on that. I'd recommend you get the battery blanking plates as well to keep muck and rubbish out of the battery slots. Enjoy!
  9. I tried that but the only kits available here are for pre 2011 machines mine is a 2012 just to be awkward, some American sites advertise them but never have them in stock!, They say the key way is in a different place on later machines
  10. Can any one recommend an electric start stump grinder equivalent to the Carlton 900H something in the 13 -20 HP pedestrian??? Cheers
  11. Pman


    Never run a 150, 193 is the smallest petrol saw I have, but I love that it certainly has its place
  12. Pman


    Yes they will take it back and Stihl will loan me a MS150 until the fault is rectified on a new run of 161's but no idea how long that takes, or just go for a full refund, but that doesn't help with batteries and charger and the like! The saw came from F R Jones and they have been extremely helpful I have to say., great communications
  13. Pman


    So I get a call to say my 161 has been recalled due to a safety fault, the saw can activate without the lockout button being pushed, unfortunately the warning was about 5 hours too late! I have to put my hands up and say the brake should have been on but still no way it should have started without the lock out button being pushed. Stihl say a repair is not possible.
  14. Hi, due to an on going elbow problem I'm trying to get my Carlton 900 converted to electric start. Kits are available for pre 2011 machines but these require modification for post 2011 machines. The only kits for post 2011 machines seem to be in America and they do not seem keen to ship to Blighty for some reason. Has anyone converted a post 2011 machines or any idea where to obtain a conversion kit? Cheers Pman
  15. Could not agree more Treequip, looking at the injury locations and "guessing " how they are caused is nothing more than that, a guess, in this case not even quantified by what he basis the guess on. It is a shame that the figures for injury sites does not also record the cause, there is little or no point in simply recording effects, the only way to prevent the incident happening again is to look at the cause and how that can be minimised or avoided in the future.


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