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  1. Hi Guys, Just a quick one, Got a ms362 in the workshop with a ceased engine, with a scored bore and piston. I'm going to put a new pot piston change ect. What do you guys use, is it always Stihl parts? Or is there any pattern part suppliers you would suggest using that maybe gives you a better power out put for example. I've heard of guys in the US using aftermarket stuff on there hot saws Cheers
  2. At least some one here agrees with me.
  3. £50 an hour is cheap, a plumber or locksmith with some tools from B&Q will charge £70 for that. And they will charge travel time plus won't be turning up with a truck, chipper, rigging etc. £500 half day emergency call out, we work hard, are highly skilled and work in hazardous conditions. We are owed it and are under appreciated, to many people under value our profession.
  4. Hi Chaps/Chapettes, Has anyone running one or two teams ever subbed out to Ground Control? Just looking at there questionnaire and was wondering about there day/hourly rate etc. This is just for arb work (not rail or utility), has anyone got a lot of work out of it or just the odd bits and bobs. And is it worth it if your running a three man team with truck, chipper, yard rental, keep long up with all regs etc. As usual your advice would be fantastic Cheers Laurence
  5. Hi Guys, Going to have a look at one of these tomorrow, apparently you can put through all sorts from pallets to brush wood and railway sleepers. Doesn't chip as fast as a chipper, but we have a Forst ST8 anyway. The reason I'm interested is we have a mountain of shitty hedge cuttings that has been pushed up with the tractor a lot which wont go through the chipper, also have a few site clearance with a lot of crud that can be chucked through it. Also have seen it chipping brush and railway sleepers, not as fast as a chipper as iv said but would be ok as a second machine on site or back up for the forst. ANyone ever used one? Going to look at one tomorrow [ame] [/ame] Cheers
  6. Alright Chaps and Chappettes Just a quick one, has anyone had there own business, closed it down, worked for someone else then set back up again? What where your reasons and was it more successful the second time around as you had learnt from mistakes etc. Cheers Laurence


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