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  1. Non CE certified foot ascenders.

    By All Means, the CT Foot Ascender, is worth every cent! I've never had a problem with them, said I've never damaged a rope with them. Steer Clear of Chinesium anything! Go [emoji631], and some French!
  2. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    Sorry Joseph, I didn't see the post til now! Yes, Samson Splicing Guide! For double braid rope.
  3. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    I have to agree, DB is a lot faster than Tenex. But if you just make a loop through the cheek plates with a spacer, then you can do a locking Brummell and tail bury. That's the easiest method. IMHO! The only way I've done Tenex cheek to cheek has been to unravel the length of the Brummell and tail. Best of Luck.
  4. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    His video shows a little bit of his redoing the braiding. Probably due to the length of the video. Have you checked his YouTube channel about splicing Tenex? It's been a while since I've watched any videos on YouTube.
  5. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    It's not difficult, it's just time consuming to use Tenex.
  6. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    I personally prefer Double Braid when going from cheek to cheek plates, I've spliced dozens of them! They are just if not stronger than Tenex! I'd like to see a Brummell from cheek to cheek Tommy_B
  7. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    You have to unravel the length of Tenex that you need on the one side and redo the weaving when you are done with the 1st side. There are a few great splicers on this forum that can and have done just that! I'm just one of over a dozen or so that know how to do a locking Brummell on each cheek plate. You have to be extremely patient and obviously aware of what you are trying to do, for it to work!
  8. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    Yes! You can it's a real bear but you can do it! Well, I know that I can do it. This has a loop then the locking Brummell and the Whoopie is assembled afterwards. Yes there is a spacer between the cheeks of the rigging pulley. The Tenex is also doubled for the loop on the pulley. It's extremely strong and indestructible, the way it's set up!
  9. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    This is a setup that I made for a RignWrench last year it's not hard to make you just have to be sure to get everything straight and 3 brummells so it doesn't come apart on itself.
  10. How do you splice tenex onto a pinto

    Hi Joseph, may I ask, if it's imperative that you have an E2E? Or can an Eye to Whoopie do the same thing for you? There is a trick to E2E's that the length between your eyes has to be passed through the Tenex first, you'll need a piece of wire and a wire fid to accomplish what you want. But, a Whoopie is a great deal easier to make. Also, it will be adjustable. Whereas, an E2E is fixed permanently. Let us know what is more important, if you would?
  11. Gloves for Climbing

    I've converted to the all Black with rubber palms, there was another thread on TB or AS where everyone was giving @yoyoman a bunch of flack due to them squeaking while ascending. They go for $5 for 10 pair @ the stores I listed earlier. I get a few weeks out of a pair, while using every day. But, how can you complain about the price? When they start cracking or peeling, I use them around the shop to do oil changes and cleaning, sometimes even woodworking (splinter deterrence). I hope this helps you out.
  12. Gloves for Climbing

    They make black fabric and black rubber, extremely sticky for a long time, they sell them at Ace, Menards, Home Depot, and several other hardware stores. I just bought a pack of 10 pairs! They're everywhere.
  13. Gloves for Climbing

    I've been using them since they were called Atlas gloves! They've been around for ever! Loved those gloves!
  14. Hitch climber

    34 1/2" is a little longer than I would prefer, but it's my backup to my RR. There's a lot of people here that can be a greater help with your predicament. But, your E2E is a little long in the tooth for my preference. I'm sure some more guys will get involved with the discussion later in the day! Be patient and you should get a lot of feedback later today.
  15. Hitch climber

    I personally prefer 28" E2E, in a Michoacán configuration. But, as I stated that's my personal preference, I also use a rigging ring spacer at the top due to heat, bare handed. How many wraps are you using on the VT?


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