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  1. Whereabouts are you? I have some depitox that I have no use for at the moment.
  2. The best solution appears to be an allen scythe and mini baler for your needs. Just be warned that a mini baler requires a fairly powerful two wheel tractor to run off. Also check the bolts on an allen scythe on the regular especially around the cutter bar, as based on previous experience those coming loose is a common fault on the BCS ones
  3. I have been working at the Royal Mail mail centre at Inverness as a temp since November and Rob D's story does sound to me like a rather unusual exception rather than the norm.
  4. Personally not tried the echo long reach but I do have one of their non long reach cutters abnd they definitely are up to the job.
  5. Have you looked at using a stihl Kombi system with some of the extension shafts assuming you can get hold of three or four extensions.
  6. I'm guessing, based on experience at a previous job that the spare tyre will get nicked. At some point. Probably sooner rather than later.
  7. Try Business Choice Direct: they're a broker but they always seem to find me a good deal.
  8. From the point of view of someone who doesn't climb: the chainsaw, silky and three inch chippers.
  9. Whereabouts is the work? Someone on here may well be able to help with the herbicides as a good solution may be one person with a chainsaw cutting the rhododendrons and someone following on behind painting the stumps with herbicide.
  10. To be honest I wasn't anticipating this thread to turn into a license explain minefield.
  11. Are we in need of a separate thread explaining what you are allowed to tow with what and with what licences?
  12. Need a trailer with a one tonne gross weight.
  13. I think I'll be sticking to a one tonne trailer for now as anything bigger will just be too awkward for my current needs. It's mostly going to get used for shifting a 100kg shredder, and having a lot of extra pay load isn't needed.
  14. Has anyone on here used one of the Ifor Williams eurolight trailers? I am driving a panel van so if I do need to keep anything out of the weather I can put it in there. Should say it is for carrying a small shredder with me. Will likely also be used for moving landscaping supplies to get my monies worth out of it.


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