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  1. Whereabouts is the work? Someone on here may well be able to help with the herbicides as a good solution may be one person with a chainsaw cutting the rhododendrons and someone following on behind painting the stumps with herbicide.
  2. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Don't worry about it
  3. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    To be honest I wasn't anticipating this thread to turn into a license explain minefield.
  4. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Are we in need of a separate thread explaining what you are allowed to tow with what and with what licences?
  5. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Need a trailer with a one tonne gross weight.
  6. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    I think I'll be sticking to a one tonne trailer for now as anything bigger will just be too awkward for my current needs. It's mostly going to get used for shifting a 100kg shredder, and having a lot of extra pay load isn't needed.
  7. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Has anyone on here used one of the Ifor Williams eurolight trailers? I am driving a panel van so if I do need to keep anything out of the weather I can put it in there. Should say it is for carrying a small shredder with me. Will likely also be used for moving landscaping supplies to get my monies worth out of it.
  8. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Too big for me unfortunately as the maximum towing capacity on my is for 1000kg gross weight. Also I was looking more for suggestions as to what is best.
  9. David R Barras

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a 1 tonne trailer? I am currently considering buying one to tow with my and the towing limits for it are 1000kg with brakes and 500kg un-braked.
  10. David R Barras

    Editing invoices

    Have you tried google docs?
  11. David R Barras

    Roundup and Cancer ruling in US

    It sounds like a case of mishandling to get covered in that much round-up to me.
  12. David R Barras

    Margaret Thatcher.

    I can understand using the money from selling the council houses to pay for new houses where they would be of more use or when not as many are needed. If I was to introduce this idea myself they would be sold at market rates to encourage the tenants to work/provide money for new council houses.
  13. David R Barras

    looking for staff climbers, groundies, subbies

    Whereabouts in the country?
  14. David R Barras

    travelling with saws

    Apparently some airlines are O.K. with saws-you just have give advance warning, disassemble them and drain of fuel.
  15. David R Barras

    Leaf Blowers

    Blowers are faster and easier in my book-still prefer to compost if possible.


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