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  1. David R Barras

    Margaret Thatcher.

    I can understand using the money from selling the council houses to pay for new houses where they would be of more use or when not as many are needed. If I was to introduce this idea myself they would be sold at market rates to encourage the tenants to work/provide money for new council houses.
  2. David R Barras

    looking for staff climbers, groundies, subbies

    Whereabouts in the country?
  3. David R Barras

    travelling with saws

    Apparently some airlines are O.K. with saws-you just have give advance warning, disassemble them and drain of fuel.
  4. David R Barras

    Leaf Blowers

    Blowers are faster and easier in my book-still prefer to compost if possible.
  5. David R Barras

    Clocking in

    I once had a cleaning job where we had to clock in and out with a fingerprint scanner. It was at most a minor inconvenience and a really good way of being certain about how many hors you had done.
  6. David R Barras

    Forestry work october

    Update: I am able to start earlier than October if people want me to. This is due to having some leeway as to when I finish the work I am doing during the week. Also I should say that I do have my own transport, saw ppe and I am willing to travel. Curriculum Vitae 24_02_2018.pdf
  7. David R Barras

    Those 2 stroke oils.....

    Same stuff I use and it hasn't given my FS460 which is autotuned any problems.
  8. David R Barras

    Those 2 stroke oils.....

    Personally I wouldn't bother with one shots due to the expense-this I why I use five litre bottles. Also if your machines run well on the Husqvarna's oil there is probably no point switching to other oil. So long as the oil you are currently using is semi or fully synthetic and you use fresh fuel you should be fine. If you do want to switch to Stihl oil try the Inverness branch of HIS. Can't comment on the Oregon oil as I've never tried it.
  9. David R Barras

    Forestry work october

    Hi All, I am currently looking for forestry work from October onwards. I have CS30/31. David
  10. David R Barras

    Stihl Autocut 40-4 strimmer head, Probelms

    My advice: bin the bump-fed and get jetfit as it lasts longer and is easier to fix and live with especially when doing heavy work. Unless I've been missing something major the bump fed heads don't need any washers for stihl machines.
  11. Mobile phone for phone calls only, laptop for everything else with me. I've never found that I could make use of a smartphone for anything other than making phone calls.
  12. David R Barras

    Brush Cutter recomendations

    If I have the cord on the 460 to long it messes with the mtronic and causes the engine to run too fast, plus with four strands and mulches up the grass.
  13. David R Barras

    Brush Cutter recomendations

    4mm is about what it can handle comfortably. The best approach with the jetfits is four strands and a suitably big machine to power it.
  14. David R Barras

    Brush Cutter recomendations

    Cuts better. In a 36 cc machine I'd personally use 3/3.5mm. Jetfit heads can handle 2mm to 4mm cord.
  15. David R Barras

    Brush Cutter recomendations

    Are you sure that you secure the cones properly? I've never had a problem with them.


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