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  1. Retford Logs We're based in Gainsborough and I have about two lorry loads of KD Swedish Redwood kindling - happy to sell by the pallet. We get 160 bags/pallet or you can buy loose in returnable boxes. Call me Richard @ HK Timbers 07884 333109 01427 611311
  2. Hi, We're a potato box manufacturer and I have about 2 lorry loads of KD Swedish 6th kindling for sale. Its a 'out of season' job for us so happy to discuss pricing that works for everyone. If you want some call me 01427 611311 or 07884 333109. I have applied for a listing on supplier list on this site and will add link to our listing when I've got it. We do also manufacture log boxes if you want to use the fully height in your storage barn. Yes they do cost a bit of money but you will be able to store more, handle it quicker and therefore improve profits in long run:001_smile: Thanks Richard
  3. Steve, I've tried several times to load our details into the kindling supplier list. Every time I've been kicked off with a failure to connect to STMP error. Can you help?? Richard 07884 333109
  4. Steve, Sorry about that. I've created a listing, just waiting for it to go live then I'll post a link. Richard
  5. Hi, At HK Timbers based in Gainsborough we're the UK's largest manufacturer of potato boxes - we also make log boxes out of KD Swedish 6th Redwood if your interested. A bi-product of our manufacturing is off-cuts that we split for kindling. I currently have a full arctic load of kindling that I want to shift - I can supply either bagged in clear bags (can net but need nets supplied) or can supply in big wooden boxes, roughly enough for 350 bags/box, which can either be bought with the load or returned if your close enough. If your interested make me an offer. Richard 07884 333109
  6. Paper Rustler, glad you're happy with your boxes. Also really good to see you when you visited, your assembly time is good but not quite as fast as our guys - but we are geared up for assembling them... Thank you for your follow-on order its much appreciated:001_smile: To help answer some questions in this thread: Standard boxes are: 1830 x 1194 x 965mm external - we can make smaller or larger. We use KD Scandinavian boards (sides, ends, pallet top deck) and home-grown posts and bearers. Reason for Scandinavian boards is that its slower growing so denser i.e. stronger. On posts and bearers due to the loading of those sections, and their larger sections, we don't need the same strength so we choose to reduce the cost in these parts and use home grown. Paper Rustler requested flat-packed to save on transport. It obviously works for him and many others. I know the price may put some people off but as my Mother-In-Law says 'buy cheap, buy twice' and although it pains me to say this, she's right.. Seriously though, we've been making potato boxes for 40 years now and on average we expect them to last 10-12years on the farm. At LAMMA this year I was told of some that have lasted 30 years and their still going. I see no reason why Paper Rustlers boxes won't last just the same length of time. The better you handle them the longer they last, I hope his last 30 years. If your interested call us at 01427 611311 or go to Potato & vegetable storage boxes HK Timbers Gainsborough Lincolnshire Cheers guys


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