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  1. As always, another really interesting vid Reg👏🏻 I for one really appreciate the time and effort you spend putting them together, they are a fascinating insight into you and how you go about tree work, your thought process before, during and after you’ve finished with the added bonus of some amazing trees and scenery. I could sense your relief when you’d got that top off. Thanks again, and maybe “just one more log” All the best👍🏼
  2. Agree with everything you’ve said Filipe, top blokes. I was there a couple of years ago before new training centre was built. I’m looking to go back to do rigging and chipper at some stage👍🏼
  3. Glad your back posting about your travels and adventures, this is a fascinating thread with hopefully more of “your journey” to come, your enthusiasm and positive outlook as others have said has to be applauded. To be able to see the positives in situations that could easily grind you down is not always easy. The power of positive thinking is something I’m still trying to master. I really enjoy reading your posts and pics of places and trees you visit on your travels. Keep it up, all the best. Payner. PS. Was cool to bump into you at the show last Saturday👍🏼
  4. Just sorting through a few pics and thought I’d post up. Found on the golf course I work at, some recent some not so. Not sure what they all are, some I know some I don’t but find them fascinating none the less. Cheers all.
  5. I have to agree with you sunflower27. I completed my cs38,39 with Rol and the team this time last year. Top bunch of blokes, all of the training was delivered in a thorough and enjoyable way and as you say with the added real world knowledge. I had a great couple of weeks, really good training sites and also had the added bonus of staying at the Coppleridge Inn. Hope to go back in the not too distant future. I would certainly recommend them for training.
  6. With regards to your post Steve and the "shortness of breath" I have suffered with hay fever right from school (42now) but over the last few years during the hay fever season also a noticeable shortness of breath, crackly breathing at night and a general struggle to get enough oxygen in, especially "under load" so to speak, such as strenuous work or hard exercise. Went to Drs, who prescribed me a brown preventative puffer for "seasonal asthma" linked to my hay fever. Two puffs morning and night during the main hay fever season, with one puff twice a day outside of this has really helped me out. Along with daily anti histamine and eye drops. Hope this helps, cheers Chris.
  7. Few more from work. Pic 1&2 on deadwood. Pic3&4 on Lombardy Pop. Pic5 on Horse Chestnut. Sorry they are on the side:confused1:. Cheers.
  8. Few pics from my place of work. On a Lombardy Pop. No idea what they are! but find them very interesting. Time for a bit of research to learn more. Cheers.
  9. Really interesting vid. Brilliant perspective from the drone. Looked like good team work. Thanks for posting.
  10. Cheers R Mac and Stihlmadasever. Excellent advice fellas. Must be something to do with turning 40! Age is just a number and all that. Repeat after me" life begins at 40":thumbup:
  11. Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply. I shall probably go for the blue tongue and try out different set ups. Hoping to get up to the APF show so will badger the arb companies for their advice also. As you say Stihlmadasever, it certainly is addictive. I arrived quite late to the climbing party, I'm 41 and really enjoy it. If only I was 10 years younger...................
  12. Evening all, Sorry if this seems an obvious question, but what the heck, here goes. I've been rec climbing now for about 2 years. Hoping to do my cs38 later this year. I have been using 13mm Marlow Gecko with a 10mm e2e with a knut and a hitch climber, which seems to work well for me (although I appreciate it's not currently used in a "work" scenario). I am after a new climbing line and I was looking at purchasing some 11.7mm Yale Blue Tongue. My question is this, is it written in stone that you must use 10mm friction cord on 13mm climbing line and 8mm friction cord on anything smaller? Or is it just that these combinations have been proven to work best together? I understand that there are many climbing systems/devices out there and that different climbing systems work better with certain rope/hitch combinations, but does personal choice come into play, have any of you mixed it up so to speak and then found it works better or worse than the "recommended " combination. I would like to continue with the knut/hitch climber combo and wanted to make the right choices. Thanks in advance for any help and advice you are willing to share. Cheers Chris.
  13. As always brilliant insight into your work. Please keep the vids coming, interesting, informative and top, top commentary. Thanks.


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