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  1. I’ve got some ha ha but not for sale
  2. Will do pal was thinking of treating it with danish oil
  3. Milling sequoia to half clad the front of my house ‘ been on my to do list for months ‘ work starting to slow down a bit so have a little bit of spare time
  4. Oh and could be oil on the band itself wipe clean and try again also your tracking could also be out that’s why it’s throwing the band
  5. Join woodland mills talk on fb lot if good advice from people who have had the same problems once you get your head around the mill you’re problems will soon disappear I’ve had a hm 130 for 3 years they are a great mill for the money
  6. This is a shed I did last week ‘ put it on my fb page and it reached over 5000 people for free got two more jobs already
  7. Think my best post on my fb page reached 4900 people which cost nothing and probably got around 25 new page likes I can regularly reach 2/3 thousand with a nice looking shed ect which does bring work in I have work for the next 6 weeks in the book and more coming weekly so it works for me
  8. Hi I have a woodland mills hm 130 which I make a living from ‘ I manly cut larch cladding for my sheds that I sell I generally buy my 2x2 and 3x2 in as dimensionally cutting 2x2 ect is a pain I do also do a fair bit off cutting manly sizes that you can’t buy
  9. I get 99% off my work of my fb page woodyssawmilling get a few daft questions but costs nothing to run you can boost your page for a £1 a day which I done 18 months ago but don’t bother anymore ‘ works for me
  10. Hi I have some larch at that size I’m at Harrington Workington
  11. This is a sycamore table I did a few months ago had been felled about 6 years ago though it was beech but turned out to be syc
  12. Milling larch cladding would rather mill hardwood but cladding is a bit easier on the back


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