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    Currently Hertfordshire soon it will be around Inverness
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    Milling, Carving, Rustic furniture, woodland work, 4X4
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  1. Self employed Fully trained and capable climber, grounds man, hand feller and forester. 5 years working experience in arboriculture, horticulture and renewable coppice woodlands. Looking to expand my knowledge in Scottish sustainable forestry. keen and passionate about the environment nature and the job at hand. Recently moved from south-east England, where for the last 5 years i have ran my own company Samurai Tree Care subcontracting to larger firms and my own work. I am fully equip with a small nimble 4x4 great for extracting coppice stacks and timber, saws and other power tools, levers, fuel and climb equipment. I am currently available for work on a day rate basis, looking for work in woodland management (Solo or as a team member) or as climber/grounds man. Happy to do day employment or full time employment. Ben Bruce, Samurai Tree Care 07905768752 Ardersier. IV2 7QN
  2. *bump* 3 Weeks until i am in the region, currently had 2 offers from estates one near Inverness and the other Further north of Ulapool, But i am stilling open to any Arboriculture work near Inerveness/Moray. Cheers Ben 07905768752 First aid at work. Full Driving license CS30 CS31 CS38 CS39 Climbing kit Saws
  3. Hi Guys Just a situation update, its now only 6 weeks until I will be moving to the Inver Ness area, the house down here has been sold, so there is no chance of it falling through. (unless the bloke buying pulls out unexpectedly) and I will be revising any offers of work I may have had. If there is any one already in the area I would love to hear from you. cheer Ben
  4. I will now be further Extending my Area to fort William and Spean Bridge & surrounding areas. I have recently visited and possibly buying a property in that area. If Any one is employing or even just working in that region i would like to hear from you. Cheers Ben
  5. Horrible weather today:thumbdown:. oh well its not going to get any better up north.
  6. Sorry guys seems a'bit amateur to leave such an important bit of information out, but I expect to be in the Highlands, Inverness, Elgin area around Mid-June, as i'm tied down with my partner doing her RHS course at the local college. sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  7. I'm a young Arborist who has been self-employed sub-contracting for the past 4 and a bit years. More recently, I have established myself as Samurai Tree Care and have been getting a few of my own jobs in. I trained and worked in Hertfordshire, but now I'm moving to Inverness for a better life. I would ideally like to walk into full-time employment. I'm very comfortable and responsive as a groundsman and have previously been involved in small scale forestry. I started climbing a while back but only gained the speed and efficiency more recently, I'm still a bit rough around the edges, so I would like to get more experience to better myself. I do love the forestry side, so will be open to any offer of hand felling forestry. I don't hold any large machine tickets at the moment but would be completely open to it in the near future. Full CV is available at request. Email: woodlandrider.bb@googlemail.com Mob: 07905768752 (send a text first as I'm working between 8am-5pm and can't answer the phone). Hope to hear from any employers or guys working in the area, Could really use any help. Cheers guys, Ben Bruce


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