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  1. Hi Kev, I have a biomass central heating system - boiler and thermal store in my garage and pipes running to the house. My distance from store to house is probably 20m or so. My installers ran a pair of pipes to my pumping station where it then breaks into 3 systems (ie 3 pumps), 1 for DHW and 2 for CH (one downstairs loop, one upstairs loop). Insulated pipe is buried in the ground between the garage and house, pipework in the garage is just insulated with pipe covering foam stuff - I could probably add some more but too many other jobs.... I have one set of isolating valves, which disconnects the house from the boiler/store and then magnaclean filters on each CH circuit with their isolation valves. I don't have any way of individually isolating one circuit from another though.
  2. I thought I'd have a go at some silver birch that's been felled for about 3 years now. Might have been rotten but there was only one way to find out. Maybe 5 but probably 4 boards out of it. Milled quite thin (1.5") not sure what I'm going to do with them though.....
  3. TuscanPhil

    Big birch

    @Rough HewnCan any nice / good / useful etc planks be milled from Silver Birch? I have a trunk down in my garden (might be rotten by now) that I keep trying to find some time to have a go at milling instead of turning into firewood logs for my consumption.
  4. Can't help I'm afraid, but if you do end up scrapping the rest, I might be interested as I have a JB M300 that might need a few parts - the one I have is just for garden use (not commercial) and it will hopefully live long enough for me, but a 'donor' could prove useful - albeit I'm not that close, but not too far also.
  5. And finally Log 8 felled in Aug 2020: Base - 50cm Top - 40cm Length - 7m
  6. Log 7: Base - 30cm Top - 30cm Length - 3.6m There is a lesion? where the branch was rubbing against another stem - see photo.
  7. Log 6: Base - 45cm Top - 35cm Length - 10m
  8. Log 5: Top - 40cm Base - 40cm Length - 3.6m
  9. Log 4: Top - 60cm Base - 50cm Length - 6.5m
  10. Log 3: Top - 40cm base - 30cm Length 3.5m
  11. Log 2: Base - 50cm dia 'top' - 38-40cm dia Base to 'top' length - 5.8m total length 8.5m
  12. All sizes are approximate! Log 1: Base - 50cm dia 1st union (branch) 40cm dia Dist to 1st union - 5m Full length - 9.5m (but this bit is probably just firewood at a guess)


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