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  1. I have a large poplar 'trunk' which was felled about 2.5 years ago, still lying on the ground. I was planning to get it planked up so I could use the wood for random stuff around the garden/garage/shed etc. I also have a 25kW biomass so have need for firewood (plenty in store seasoned and ready to go at the moment though). Would it be better to get it planked (and off the ground!) or just ring it up and split/stack for firewood and use in the biomass boiler? Photos should hopefully give an indication of size. (Poplar in background of second photo - the spruce/douglas? needs planking as well!)
  2. One here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163068597422? for not many notes.
  3. Thanks Bob, I'm not sure how much the colour difference is due to the wed colours used and the actual end colour when painted though. I'm going to order some paint for my Entec (which is badged as Goldcup), so I'll see how that yellow compares to the JB, or I might just order some RAL 1003 and over time paint it that colour as I do touch ups etc! At the end of the day, it's not being used in a professional environment so what it looks like isn't too much of a worry, as long as the metal is protected so it lasts.
  4. so if I've already tried the questionnaire how do I try it again? It's telling me I've already entered the survey
  5. I want to tidy up some rust spots on my JB M300 and am trying to get the right colour code for the yellow used. I've been advised (by Global Recycling - thanks Dean) it could be RAL 1003 but if anyone else knows or can confirm, I'd be grateful. I'm intending to use something like https://www.smithandallan.com/products/tractol-paint/1447-tractol-329-single-pack-machinery-enamel-all-colours/ Tractol enamel but if someone can point me to something better, I'm all ears!
  6. TuscanPhil

    Engine tacho

    Cheaper on ebay - £4.67! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282697986038 (I don't have one so don't know what the quality of it is like) I have put hour meters on my kit though! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263617923810
  7. Because basically when I asked the question, I wasn't in need of a quick/instant answer and so waiting didn't matter. I don't use my chipper 'professionally' so don't need it to be back up and running. If I need to chip, I'll use my JB M300! As the mod from here has 'poked' Timberwolf, and as I'd expect them to read their forum every once in a while, and as other people might want the answers (which they won't get unless they too phone up), so I'm prepared to wait (and keep poking!). It's not like they are tricky questions either! Pretty much any TW tech should know the answers off the top of their heads without having to look it up.
  8. Hi Timberwolf, I can see you've been in this forum today - anyone know the answers to my questions please?
  9. TuscanPhil


    If the test was meant to wake up Timberwolf, I don't think it's worked!
  10. Ah, sorry, I didn't realise you weren't a TimberWolf chappie! I now see you are an Arb Talk chappie! Cheers for emailing them to let them know.
  11. Thanks Steve, at least you can now check your settings so you get the notifications again. Hopefully answers to follow? Oh and thanks Mick but I don't think a dremel will save my roller blades - I bought the CH25 second hand and I'm not sure if any previous owners bothered with the rollers - they are a bit banana shaped! I'm slowly sorting it out, bit by bit!
  12. Does no one from Timberwolf Towers read Arb Talk any more? I'd hoped to have a reply by now as they are not tricky questions.
  13. Hi, I'm in the process of doing some servicing on my Entec, ser no CH25PH77030297 and have managed to get 6 of the roller blades off one roller and am now struggling with the second roller! Lots of drilling and tapping is going to be required I think! I'm going to get the blades sharpened but would like to know if there is a min length that they should not be sharpened past and indeed, what the correct angle is for them. Also, I've cleaned out the old grease from the roller assembly (mine has a black acetyl 'rod' in the middle of each roller which I assume is a 'gap filler') and would like to know what grease I can (or can't) use when refilling them and of course during routine re-greasing during use. I have Lithium EP3 in one of my grease guns - can I use this? Could you also let me know the tightening torque for the roller box socket screws. I'll be using threadlock on them as well. <edit> Just seen on the TW150 thread below that the torque is 45lb/ft and copper grease (no threadlock mentioned) so I'll do that when I come to reassemble. Many thanks!
  14. A similar, but 7 ton petrol splitter uses a Briggs and Stratton 6.5HP vertical shaft engine - so you'd need one of them (or similar) some way to interface the engine to the hyd pump and maybe some other bits and pieces! To be honest, if you can't work this out yourself then I doubt you've got the eng know how to do the necessary modifications. As above, either buy a suitably sized generator (don't forget splitters have a high startup current) or sell it and buy a petrol splitter
  15. I've used http://www.tewkesburysaw.co.uk/sharpening for my JB M300 blades, did the front and reverse angles as per the JB manual, about £3+VAT per edge if memory serve me well - just checked - £34.18 for 4 sharpens per blade, 2 blades, so 8 sharpens in total, inc P&P and VAT.


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