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  1. Mind sharing what the charge was please (per set of blades if you had more than 2 done)?
  2. Thanks - she has secateurs - many - half a dozen or so, but are they any good? Mainly not, so maybe a decent set of manual ones - thanks for the Oakastune recommendation.
  3. Any recommendations for electric secateurs, say up to £100? I've seen the Bosch Easyprune for around £75 but interested to know what else is recommended. Foe use by my wife in the garden rather than for 'professional' use, but will still be put to some quite heavy work (1.5 acre garden with lots of herbaceous borders and shrubs etc!!).
  4. Depends on variables outside of your control. I've been registered for a while and have been used twice - by the same person both times. The variables are: Where people are working and need to get rid of chip/logs/etc How many other tip sites are nearby What their tip-site write-up says about ease of access, how much is wanted, what is wanted, what is not wanted etc It's just a waiting game by all accounts....
  5. Guess I should have put a smiley face after the 'you didn't flag it up to me' as this seems to have been taken the wrong way by some on here,
  6. Yes it's a tool I want, but it is not a tool I currently need - I don't have any boards or wood to put through it and I don't have any projects on the go, so I can take my time and find one closer.
  7. Ah but you didn't flag it up to me. In my defence, it doesn't appear when I look on Gumtree 'less than 30 miles' but does if I look at 'less than 50 miles' and I'd generally not look that far.
  8. He sold it earlier this summer - it's no longer available.
  9. Do you have a link to that? I can't seem to find it.
  10. eBay often have 'sell for £1' which is when I tend to do any of my sales, so no 10% loss to eBay, just any PayPal fees for anything being sent. I tend to put my email in the photos so people can contact me easily for any 'out of eBay' deals.
  11. Oh, and if I bid and win, I'll give you a shout and COVID permitting you can show me your set up etc (if you are happy to).
  12. Well, I'm just getting started 'playing' with a Chillaskan mill and my 41 year old chainsaw, so once my oak (and cherry and fir and anything else I can lay my hands on) are seasoned - it'll be those. I'm not too worried about max width as there is a high likelihood of my boards warping so I might just make them narrower boards (via a track saw) so there is less waste when planing them, then join them together to make whatever larger surface / boards I want or need. I'm busy reading another forum with woodworking ideas and projects, so nothing in mind at the moment. Anyway, I thought it was all about "he who dies with the most toys wins...."
  13. Without wishing to highlight a possible purchase to anyone else (dammit, no other way to do this) how does this one look? It's not too far from me, though I'd need to clear some space in my garage... Charnwood W582 Planer Thicknessr, used WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Charnwood W582 Planer Thicknesser, Max working width 260mm, Max thicknessing capacity 180mm. I brought this new approximatly 16 years ago. You can get new blades for about... Or possibly this one (but a bit further away from me) Axminster 10” Planer Thicknesser Modle No.AW106PT WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <p>Axminster 10” Planer Thicknesser Modle No.AW106PT. Condition is "Used". Very well looked after machine. Comes with a change of blades, nail/metal detector and manual...
  14. I've not had any other issues since our FB conversation a few days ago -been fine an d I've been messing with different ISPs my end. Whatever you did has sorted it for me (for now...) ?
  15. This sort of thing? https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/coconut-oil/sainsburys-organic-virgin-coconut-oil-330ml Heat, melt and rub in with a piece of kitchen paper?


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