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  1. I use this kind of thing. I think I have about 4 on different bits of kit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192939912615 No battery, runs of the power it takes from the induction off the HT lead. Very simply - just works. Cheap as chips from ebay - £3.52!
  2. I use this kind of thing. I think I have about 4 on different bits of kit. Hour Meter for Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile Marine Boat Yama Ski Dirt Quad Bike FI WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <br/>Works on Any Gas Engine. <br/>Record and display to 9,999.9 hours. Automatic roll over. Record and display to 9,999.9 hours. We'll do reply you as soon as possible and try... No battery, runs of the power it takes from the induction off the HT lead. Very simply - just works.
  3. SHT TDA by any chance? If so, I have one and have had it for the last 2.5 years or so. Get around 6p/KwH based on my EPC. I reckon that what I'm saving in oil (our house was heated by an oil boiler and AGA previously) and with the RHI and my free firewood (around 4 acres I 'borrow' from) I'll break even after 12 years, so anything afer 13 years is free heating! 25Kw boiler, 2000l thermal store, 4 bed detached house. Burns once per day in the winter (sometimes with extra logs) and once every 7-8 days in the summer for DHW only. I'm very happy with it so far. My 1 tonne of pellets I bought, I reckon will last me about 7 years - use for self ignition only but eventually I'll build a pellet store, but the pellet feed kit and live on pellets only when I'm too old/tired to chop/split logs etc. Should need 6-7 tonnes per year.
  4. Hit! 5Kw Classic Purevision (with flash / without flash) about 20 mins after lighting.
  5. I have lots of old cherry in my woodland, most of which keeps falling down so I don't have to fell it! The trunk that is still good wood, once seasoned for 12 months or so, burns well and I get through loads of it in my 25Kw biomass boiler and internal log burner. Some of my cherry can be 18-24" diameter.
  6. How heavy is it to move around? I'd like to be able to move one around my garden some of which is on a slope. I currently lug a JB300 (chipper) around so as long as it's no harder than that, I should be fine.
  7. How do you dry/season the chips before you use them? I have a JB300 and a 25KW biomass boiler for my home setup but if I can use my woodchips in the boiler (and internal 5KW stove of high efficiency) before my wife uses them for top dressing the flower beds, I'm all ears!
  8. I have a large poplar 'trunk' which was felled about 2.5 years ago, still lying on the ground. I was planning to get it planked up so I could use the wood for random stuff around the garden/garage/shed etc. I also have a 25kW biomass so have need for firewood (plenty in store seasoned and ready to go at the moment though). Would it be better to get it planked (and off the ground!) or just ring it up and split/stack for firewood and use in the biomass boiler? Photos should hopefully give an indication of size. (Poplar in background of second photo - the spruce/douglas? needs planking as well!)
  9. One here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163068597422? for not many notes.
  10. Thanks Bob, I'm not sure how much the colour difference is due to the wed colours used and the actual end colour when painted though. I'm going to order some paint for my Entec (which is badged as Goldcup), so I'll see how that yellow compares to the JB, or I might just order some RAL 1003 and over time paint it that colour as I do touch ups etc! At the end of the day, it's not being used in a professional environment so what it looks like isn't too much of a worry, as long as the metal is protected so it lasts.
  11. so if I've already tried the questionnaire how do I try it again? It's telling me I've already entered the survey
  12. I want to tidy up some rust spots on my JB M300 and am trying to get the right colour code for the yellow used. I've been advised (by Global Recycling - thanks Dean) it could be RAL 1003 but if anyone else knows or can confirm, I'd be grateful. I'm intending to use something like https://www.smithandallan.com/products/tractol-paint/1447-tractol-329-single-pack-machinery-enamel-all-colours/ Tractol enamel but if someone can point me to something better, I'm all ears!
  13. TuscanPhil

    Engine tacho

    Cheaper on ebay - £4.67! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282697986038 (I don't have one so don't know what the quality of it is like) I have put hour meters on my kit though! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263617923810
  14. Because basically when I asked the question, I wasn't in need of a quick/instant answer and so waiting didn't matter. I don't use my chipper 'professionally' so don't need it to be back up and running. If I need to chip, I'll use my JB M300! As the mod from here has 'poked' Timberwolf, and as I'd expect them to read their forum every once in a while, and as other people might want the answers (which they won't get unless they too phone up), so I'm prepared to wait (and keep poking!). It's not like they are tricky questions either! Pretty much any TW tech should know the answers off the top of their heads without having to look it up.


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