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    <p>Hi EdF. Not sure if its open or closed normally, but I think from memory thats it needs to be closed to make the circuit to start. Easy to check, disconnect it and see what happens, if nothing then make a little link wire to join the terminals of the the lead and try again. Note that this is for test purposes only and the switch must be operative before using the mower.</p>

    <p>However, this will not explain the battery going flat overnight. Thats often down to a worn ignition switch allowing the key to be withdrawn in the 'ignition on' position.</p>

    <p>Seat switch 1134-3156-01 at £34.80 plus vat</p>


  2. <p>Hi Barry, You helped me out a year ago with my Stiga Park Pro 25 4WD, 12 years old. Got a new problem which may be very simple to solve, but not for me! Used it last week, next day the battery was flat. Charged it up OK, battery showed 13 volts. Wouldn't start. Suspected ignition switch as an easy 'fix' and replaced it. Wouldn't start. Suspected under-seat switch, put a piece of board on it to push it down more, engine turned briefly, then stopped. Can't find a dealer with a new switch, but, can I remove it and join the wires as a temporary fix or is it best just disconnected? In other words, does the switch make or break a circuit when sitting on the seat? Thanks for any help. Eddie</p>

  3. Jokes???

    A man goes into a chemists shop. "Do you sell deodorant?" he asks the Swedish assistant.. "Ball or aerosol?" "Actually, it's for my armpits...."


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