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  1. Costs a lot? Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Arbtalk mobile app
  2. So you got the CS38 too? Is the main barrier experience then?
  3. Did you get anywhere since your last post? Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Arbtalk mobile app
  4. Also - does anybody know if it would be beneficial to go straight for the CSCS ROLO in addition to the CS30/31?
  5. Brilliant. Thanks, man. BTW - what's been your experience when approaching local arbs?
  6. I'm glad you said this because I feel it in my gut that leaving IT, the office, and red tape nonsense all behind is the right thing for me to do. Nature and the environment has always interested me, even mucking pigs out and driving diggers (another story!)...
  7. Thanks for your replies. Yeah, I could book in for the CS30/31 - I've got the money to! I found a training provider in Staffordshire which isn't too difficult for me to get to, called ianmorgarb.co.uk . Do you have experience with these guys by any chance? Seems a lot cheaper than Myerscough College up in Preston, but not sure if the old "you get what you pay for" adage applies. That said, Myerscough course is 5 days whereas it's 6 in total at ianmorgarb.co.uk. For the PA1/PA6 though I doubt I can afford to do CS30/31 and PA1/6 together at the moment though.
  8. Hi all, Would appreciate some straight talking from you; feel free to "tell me how it is." Basically, I'm looking to move out of my IT job and into Arb work. I'm not a spring chicken any more being in my late 20's, but still fit and enjoy physical work more than being sedentary. Anyway, I was wondering what challenges I might face if I try to approach some local Arb businesses, and also what the best route in for me might be? I'm based in South Yorks and have looked at who's local from the Arb Association website so have a few numbers I could call, but not sure the best way to approach. Plus, it's not like my CV/previous employment correlates with Arb work in general so might have a few confused looks my way. I am aware of all the tickets that are required to be an Arborist, but my attitude is to not run before I can walk so-to-speak so looking for some groundie work to get a feel for the industry first. Staying in IT is going to be something for me to fall back on if my endeavours don't pan out. Best way I can explain it is that my interests have changed as I've gotten older and want to try Arb work. Thanks, QF.


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