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  1. That's gonna be a good looking rig when your done. I'm liking the hiab on trailer set up. I've been looking at that combo my self.
  2. As daft as it sounds, have you plugged it in to free flow return to the tank? I had the same problem on a new holland and a u900. Both needed an additional pipe that ran straight back into the hydraulic tank missing out the spool block
  3. The uniforest looks like a nice bit of kit. Any idea of price on one? I'm looking at bigger splitters with pto hydraulics rather than my cheap ebay job I have ( i can only split into 65 cm long billets) Sorry for the hijack
  4. Neither have I but still wanna try with the 406. My mate wants to have a go in in 411 as well. Just need to find a field:thumbup: Did you get any more videos?
  5. Not bad for a vehicle that cant plough (I keep hearing that mogs can't.... Think these pics prove otherwise! !) Nice work, I'd be chuffed with that
  6. That flail is fitted to the din plate. It's has the hydraulic pump built into it with a tank as well. The pto runs into the right place on it as well. Basically it was built to fit a mog. It's now fitted onto a square cab mog. It's a good package, Swings 180°, good reach and was used with out an stability measures but only close in. The problem you will have is finding one over here. You would most likely have to go to the continent.
  7. :thumbup:Just get one of these
  8. I must say, it does put a little smile on my face when I see there's a new video uploaded. Nice to see someone who loves everything he does. Keep the videos coming!
  9. Funny enough I've just been watching the video of yours working! (I'd never hear of a charcoal retort till I just Google it and found videos on YouTube) I've been looking at kiln drying timber and always wanted to try charcoal. Looks like I've found my way to do both
  10. Wish I had a barn that big to work in.
  11. My mate had one on a mog and that was 'compact' Have thought about one on the landy. Just take the chip box of and mount the camper but I don't have enough time as it is, never mind building a camper back
  12. Yeah that's the one. I've used this tractor on grass cutting and it's proper good on banking and slopes. I was suprised at the power she had! I'd have had it if I hadn't bought a little tractor already.
  13. A couple of pics of my old girl helping out with the parents drive.
  14. This is on ebay at the moment if your still after a small tractor. She fits on a trailer as well. Antonio Carraro Trx8400 | eBay


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