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  1. Damn good idea.. Sent from my A9+ using Tapatalk
  2. I have seen and had a few accidents-time goes into freeze-frame for me when I've been falling or bad **** happening....not always and not for everyone, but adrenaline is a very powerful drug that kicks in in milliseconds,if you're already pumped this can be used to your advantage... That's what I mean by stay switched on! The dummy had a few whole seconds at the beginning, and that vid is worst case scenario- things don't always happen that fast... Let's hope never at all!!!
  3. A human being can react in 3/10ths of a second- STAY SWITCHED ON!!!!!!!! Also carry a SHARP knife!!!! Still, what do I know- I've only survived 35yrs in this trade......
  4. Not quite in my seventies yet (50), but started climbing in '79... Seen some changes.... Lifelines, ballistics, chainbrakes, Health&Safety,chippers, blowers..the list goes on... I still climb and my Dragonfly is like sitting in an armchair, the spikes like comfy superglue boots and the saws lovely... The down side is mobile phones giving you stress and so many tree surgeons competing for work, pushing prices down and making you go faster (not so safe or enjoyable)... Still, gotta grow old sometime, and there's some good young ones coming through now.. Generally love where the industry is going and am proud to have been a woodsman all that time..
  5. Well written, buddy, important stuff... I've climbed and done treework 35 yrs (been to intensive care with 8 broken ribs and a punctured lung!!) and like what you are saying. the college kids aren't up to spec and switched on enough (mainly coz instucters haven't got enough real time experience or first hand knowledge!??) which leaves it up to us "old" boys to show them how to stay alive.. God help them if there was another storm like '87.. The first thing I always do at base of tree is run my rope thru my hands and do a visual & physical check whilst coiling it so it goes up the tree freely. I see very few other climbers do this... WHY??? I could go on all day about the vulnerabilities of modern kit (metal fatigue etc) but would just like to say KISS- Keep It Simple, Stupid!! Have a good one and TAKE CARE out there, lads (& a few lasses I'd like to meet!!), Cyrus
  6. Do you need experienced volunteers? I've got a lot of experience in tree work (including emergency work) travelling, mechanics and off-road driving. Also basic first aid (though needs refreshing)...
  7. Hi, I'm a highly experienced tree man (35 yrs experience) looking for work... am prepared to travel anywhere if the money is right. Started climbing at 14 and have climbed most of my life, but getting a bit old now,though still fit.. Got experience of hardwood and softwood forestry (including skyline winching) and working on street trees including emergency works. I've got NPTC ground tickets, C&G Arb and a clean 7.5 ton licence (inc. trailer). If you need recommendations, please feel free to contact Brian Moore (Elite Trees) or Craig Ketley ( Surrey Tree Care). Also worked for Tony Saunders at Homegrown Timber and Urban Forestry (Watford)... Part time could suit well, though will consider anything....not bad with fencing and mechanics.Take care and have a good one out there, lads, Tel. 07971 359246 Email [email protected]


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