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  1. Competent tree surgeon/chainsaw operator seeking weekend work in Inverness/north of Scotland. Experienced climber, all own climbing kit and saws. Hard working, takes care of kit, gets on well with clients/team members. Late twenties. Currently undertaking HND forestry. I'd be particularly interested to speak to any forestry contractors. Cs30,31,38,39,40. Utilities up 2.3, mewp, chipper. Drives, no trailer liscence. Got a wee caravan, can travel. (Before someone says something, it's under 750kg) 07772435486 picken.stuart@gmail.com Emails better to start with
  2. I did wonder if was a carb thing. I remembered another symptom. While it's warming up it stalls easily if you turn it on its side/upside down.
  3. Hey folks. So I've a t540, only about 6 months old but definitely worked hard. Only thing (besides the everyday stuff) ive done with it is replace the fuel tank/handle a few months back when I cracked it. I've noticed in the last 2 weeks it's got Much harder to start working. It won't idle until I've slowly run it up to running flat out. Other wise it just stalls out idling, or if I put it into a cut the revs will drop right down and stall. Basically it needs an extra long warm up. I know this is just saws aging, but what should I be looking at? Something must be different because its a big change in the last couple weeks! Still work with it, it's just annoying. Cheers folks.
  4. Right, important bit: tell us about the boat mate! Canal boat?
  5. Well I've got plenty of saws and all that, it's just they're my work saws and I don't want to start milling with them. Yea, the thing to do is to pick up a cheap saw and just crack on with a milling jig. I suppose I was just looking for a way to do it with what I've got. I do think a better ripping blade on the tablesaw would make a difference. You can pick up one of these 80cc makitas for £500. Just wanted a rant really!
  6. Well folks, I love ma woodworking. And I bought an old sailing boat a couple years ago so I've a mountain of projects. Always wanted to get a milling set up, can't justify it though. No space to store, to dry to sell bla bla bla. So I tried this set up in the picture below. Basically screw the piece into a jig that has 2 flat faces, run it through a tablesaw. Max size would be about 10cm square by a meter, useful size that. Sounds easy enough. It's a bastard. Did a bit tonight, it's utterly backbreaking, fiddly and slow. And I blew the fuse in my shite tablesaw. Back to the drawing board. Anywhere, here's a couple of pictures of some rowan.
  7. 1.12 in. I'm sure that lump crashes straight into the deck, they just cut away. Looks a bit like it!
  8. 'happier than a gypsy's dog with two cocks'
  9. Another vote for the Stihl saws. No specifics, just a satisfied customer
  10. Ok give up the goods. Where Europe? I'm a decent climber and in another few years I'll be a damn good one. Do you get 400 a day in the same places you get cheap land and property, lax planning laws, sausage meat, 200 days of sun and a 9 month growing season? Because you know, that would spell out most of a life plan. I'm in Italy (holiday, not work)at the minute, and there loads of abandoned old houses and chestnut woods, go for pennies perhaps.
  11. At 6.4 and 17 stone I strongly reject than nonsense about the wee bastards being the cream.
  12. Ok serious question: why does nobody use the nasty blue polypropylene line? 14mm thick an your starting to get reasonable SWL. I do quite a bit of natural crotch rigging and I reckon im going to buy some of this stuff and give it a shot. At the price don't need to worry about beating the crap out of it! £75 for 200m, SWL 800kg
  13. Or forestry stuff! Maybe they do things different over there and it's worth looking out for?
  14. Hey folks So I'm going on a holiday with the Mrs to rural Italy. In Bologna and the central appenines. Though I'm right chuffed about not putting on a harness or running a saw for a couple weeks, I'm still keen to look at some trees. I'm going to be spending some time helping out on a sweet chestnut small holding, apart from that our times our own. And recommendations for all things flora I should look for? I've packed a Collins tree guide, though not sure how much use it'll be? Is there anything better? But aye, my questions is if anyone knows any tree or woodland related stuff I shouldn't miss or should learn about. Cheers folks. Ps. They've got to be better than red wine and pizza.
  15. Aye i think these videos are great reg. Dunno what it is. Seems odd I'd spend the day dismantling conifers, then go home and watch your videos. It's just damn good! Keep em up mate.


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