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    getting outside! mountaineering, rock climbing, hill running, ecology and the 'green movement'
  1. Stuart Picken

    Which electric saw

    Another vote for the Stihl saws. No specifics, just a satisfied customer
  2. Stuart Picken

    Contract Rates

    Ok give up the goods. Where Europe? I'm a decent climber and in another few years I'll be a damn good one. Do you get 400 a day in the same places you get cheap land and property, lax planning laws, sausage meat, 200 days of sun and a 9 month growing season? Because you know, that would spell out most of a life plan. I'm in Italy (holiday, not work)at the minute, and there loads of abandoned old houses and chestnut woods, go for pennies perhaps.
  3. Stuart Picken

    Contract Rates

    At 6.4 and 17 stone I strongly reject than nonsense about the wee bastards being the cream.
  4. Stuart Picken


    Ok serious question: why does nobody use the nasty blue polypropylene line? 14mm thick an your starting to get reasonable SWL. I do quite a bit of natural crotch rigging and I reckon im going to buy some of this stuff and give it a shot. At the price don't need to worry about beating the crap out of it! £75 for 200m, SWL 800kg
  5. Stuart Picken

    Trees of Italy

    Or forestry stuff! Maybe they do things different over there and it's worth looking out for?
  6. Stuart Picken

    Trees of Italy

    Hey folks So I'm going on a holiday with the Mrs to rural Italy. In Bologna and the central appenines. Though I'm right chuffed about not putting on a harness or running a saw for a couple weeks, I'm still keen to look at some trees. I'm going to be spending some time helping out on a sweet chestnut small holding, apart from that our times our own. And recommendations for all things flora I should look for? I've packed a Collins tree guide, though not sure how much use it'll be? Is there anything better? But aye, my questions is if anyone knows any tree or woodland related stuff I shouldn't miss or should learn about. Cheers folks. Ps. They've got to be better than red wine and pizza.
  7. Stuart Picken

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Aye i think these videos are great reg. Dunno what it is. Seems odd I'd spend the day dismantling conifers, then go home and watch your videos. It's just damn good! Keep em up mate.
  8. Stephens saying (I agree) that it looks like a canker, which is really nothing to worry about. Is there evidence elsewhere on the tree? Damage, fungus, dieback etc further up? If nothing, no worries!
  9. Stuart Picken

    Most original objection to tree felling/work?

    There's an amazing children's book called 'i am bat'. Turns out bats love almost everything. I strongly recommend it, I don't have any kids. Googled it. Apparently it's for ages 0-8. I think its crackin.
  10. Stuart Picken

    Forum Trolling

    So I reckon what ever incident happened to cause this post has passed me by, but I just wanted to throw in a wee view point I think it's easy to forget how valuable this forum can be. I for one without any exaggeration have this forum to thank for my career. I've learnt stuff, I've found work. There's such a massive body of experience and knowledge on this site, it's bloody brilliant. I think folk should think twice before acting to balls it up. Keep up the good work folks!
  11. Stuart Picken

    Wind blown trees

    Off topic, but I can't help but wonder. Has anyone seen a complicated windblown site go up in flames? I bet it's incredible Armageddon. Popping and snapping and sitting up flinging flames about. Awesome. Something to think about.... Ps. Take 20 minutes to do a R.A, M.S on site if you do it all the time. Personally I say you set fire to the site.
  12. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    Sorry mate, ignore me. I was making a joke about the oldest profession. I'm really ballsing up this thread huh.
  13. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    I usually charge way more than £100 at the curbside and I'm far from flawless
  14. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    Ah, I totally misunderstood. I thought it was the trees in he photo. Sorry mate. I'll get my coat.
  15. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    You need a seriously good reason to cut down a tree like that in my book. Arse.


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