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    getting outside! mountaineering, rock climbing, hill running, ecology and the 'green movement'
  1. Stuart Picken

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Aye i think these videos are great reg. Dunno what it is. Seems odd I'd spend the day dismantling conifers, then go home and watch your videos. It's just damn good! Keep em up mate.
  2. Stephens saying (I agree) that it looks like a canker, which is really nothing to worry about. Is there evidence elsewhere on the tree? Damage, fungus, dieback etc further up? If nothing, no worries!
  3. Stuart Picken

    Most original objection to tree felling/work?

    There's an amazing children's book called 'i am bat'. Turns out bats love almost everything. I strongly recommend it, I don't have any kids. Googled it. Apparently it's for ages 0-8. I think its crackin.
  4. Stuart Picken

    Forum Trolling

    So I reckon what ever incident happened to cause this post has passed me by, but I just wanted to throw in a wee view point I think it's easy to forget how valuable this forum can be. I for one without any exaggeration have this forum to thank for my career. I've learnt stuff, I've found work. There's such a massive body of experience and knowledge on this site, it's bloody brilliant. I think folk should think twice before acting to balls it up. Keep up the good work folks!
  5. Stuart Picken

    Wind blown trees

    Off topic, but I can't help but wonder. Has anyone seen a complicated windblown site go up in flames? I bet it's incredible Armageddon. Popping and snapping and sitting up flinging flames about. Awesome. Something to think about.... Ps. Take 20 minutes to do a R.A, M.S on site if you do it all the time. Personally I say you set fire to the site.
  6. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    Sorry mate, ignore me. I was making a joke about the oldest profession. I'm really ballsing up this thread huh.
  7. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    I usually charge way more than £100 at the curbside and I'm far from flawless
  8. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    Ah, I totally misunderstood. I thought it was the trees in he photo. Sorry mate. I'll get my coat.
  9. Stuart Picken

    Road side Oak.

    You need a seriously good reason to cut down a tree like that in my book. Arse.
  10. Stuart Picken

    Books, boobs and more books

    That's some reading list for a level 3! I'm starting an hnd in forestry this winter, my snails pace reading I don't reckon I'd get through all that. Anyways I got the botany mauseth book, I figure 6 pound delivered you can't go wrong really. So I'll post and let folks know what I reckon! Gets here next week.
  11. Stuart Picken

    Work for wood

    Bunch o frogs and krouts walked walked through doggerland *snigger* to get here 14000 years ago. Bloody immigrants.
  12. Stuart Picken

    Books, boobs and more books

    Ive just learnt this. I thought it has 2 stroke and peanut butter sandwiches that led to the regulation of plant growth.
  13. Stuart Picken

    Books, boobs and more books

    How come Ive never heard of this thing called auxin?
  14. Stuart Picken

    Books, boobs and more books

    One part of the title is a lie. So, I've read, or am reading, a bunch of books that are recommended on here. Shigo, bob Watson, etc. They're all great and all that. But I picked up a general biology textbook today, published in 1969. Skimmed through bits of it and thought 'bloody hell this is useful'. It's fine focusing on trees but turns out I've been missing a few damn golden nuggets. So, does anyone have any recommendations of a suitable general biology textbook? Maybe plant biology?
  15. Stuart Picken

    Work for wood

    Percentages matter because their proportionate. The wealthy should be paying atleast the same percentage as the less well off, otherwise that wealth gap widens faster. In fact I believe the law of diminishing returns justifies the wealthy being taxed for more heavily. It's a pretty well documented phenomenon that a little more money makes people a lot happier, but a lot more only makes them a little happier than that. Don't ask me to provide evidence of that, I'm not going to. That suggests you can tax well heeled folk more, and have less of an impact on their well-being. Either that or we can rely on trickle down economics - when the weight of their cash bursts their pockets we can pick it up as it trickles out the bottom of their trousers. Seems fair.


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