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  1. 211 notice

    I've just double checked the planning portal and I've definitely ticked the work in conservation area box not the TPO one. So if I was to crack on before the 'decision' was made there would be no comeback on me in your opinion? I'm just a bit cautious on this one as the tree officer is renowned for being a bit of a stickler!
  2. 211 notice

    Thanks Gary. I ticked the box for 'work in a conservation area' box so I'm not sure why I got this response? So would you just carry on regardless after the 6 weeks?
  3. 211 notice

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please. I filled out the form on the planning portal to do work in a conservation area on the 14th January. I've not heard anything back from them until I received the letter below today. I'm a bit confused as they have 6 weeks to make a decision from the date of the application yet this letter seems to say that they will make a decision in 21 days from the date of this letter which is the 22nd February. As this will be way after the 6 week period I'm not sure if I can book the work in as I had planned for the start of march? Help please 😞
  4. Carving book

    Hi all. I'm after a chainsaw carving book for one of my employees as a Christmas present as he's just started having a go at it. Can anyone recommend a decent one for a beginner? Cheers
  5. Should it stay or should it go?

    Thanks Neil. I'm back there at the end of the month so I'll use the sheet and give it a score then. Although the path isn't used very much for most of the year, it does get a lot of foot fall in the spring as the whole estate is opened up for a bluebell walk so it might be a case of re-evaluating after winter
  6. Should it stay or should it go?

    I've been asked to look at this Ash with regards to it's safety. It's on a public footpath and the bank that it is on has been eroded away leaving the roots exposed. It has obviously been happening over a long period of time and the tree has put out roots to compensate. In the second picture there is a large root that reaches from the Ash tree to the tree in the foreground. I think it might be worth airing on the side of caution and have it down but what are other peoples thoughts as to whether it should be felled or not?
  7. Finding staff

    That certainly has got to be worth a shot then. The only problem is I'm a bit numb when it comes to Facebook! Did you just advertise on your own page or did you pay for one of the sponsored listing thingies?
  8. Finding staff

    How much do Arbjobs charge to advertise? I was thinking about either using them or Countryside Job Service as I'm looking for a subby to join my team. Has anyone used Countryside Job Service to find people?
  9. Climber/groundsman required Midlands

    Self employed climber/groundsman required 2 - 3 days a week for an expanding tree surgery firm based just outside Burton on Trent. Duties include all aspects of tree work along with some hedging work. CS30, CS31, CS38, CS39 minimum. Must have your own climbing kit and climbing saw and have a good sense of humour Contact Chris at flitchwoodtrees@gmail.com
  10. Bear Valley

    Do they have taped zips/seams?
  11. Bear Valley

    Thanks for the replies. They do seem really good at a good price, and discounted to £35 at the moment. For those that have got one, are they as waterproof as the cut and climb or is that too much to ask for from a £35 jacket?
  12. Bear Valley

    Thinking of getting the ExoHydroshell jacket from Bear Valley. Has anyone had any experience of this jacket, how do they stand up to the rigors of tree surgery, how waterproof are they etc.? Thanks y'all
  13. Work guarantee

    It just goes to show how many variables there are. I feel that if there is a problem with the materials, the issue should be taken up with the manufacturers but with the workmanship how far do you go, 12 months, 2 years? I know someone who put a fence up a few months before Doris struck and it blew the panels out, should he have had to replace them or is that just extreme weather? I personally would have replaced them as reputation is an important thing for me
  14. Work guarantee

    Hey all. I don't do much fencing as my main side is trees but I do some occasionally for a change. I've recently done a job which the customers are happy with and all paid up but they have asked what guarantee the work comes with. Does anyone else offer guarantees for their work, do you add any clauses for extreme weather conditions etc.? Cheers
  15. Changing profession

    Yep but only 19!


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