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    I'm thinking about joining the 21st century and getting a tablet for work. I'm used to taking tablets for my aching back and legs etc. but not electronic ones! I've always taken a paper diary with me for quotes but I'm thinking of the benefits using a tablet might have. I would like one that would link to my chrome book at home and my samsung phone so that I can access documents that I have created on them. Is the obvious choice something like a galaxy tab? I also like the look of the huawei or maybe the amazon fire? What are people using/recommending? I don't want an ipad as being an android user, they look way to complicated!!
  2. percy verance

    Avant/multi one hire

    Thanks but it would only be a couple of days hire
  3. percy verance

    Avant/multi one hire

    Thanks eggs. I've already emailed them for a price. I was just wondering if there was any one else 👍
  4. percy verance

    Avant/multi one hire

    I'm looking to hire an avant type loader in the Midlands nr Lichfield. Does anyone on here hire them out or have any recommendations of where to hire one from please?
  5. percy verance

    telescopic pruner

    well lets hope they have a long reach as the steaks are high!
  6. percy verance

    telescopic pruner

    Ordered the one Mr Bulman recommended. I'll let you know how it performs. Steve's reputation is at steak here!!
  7. percy verance

    telescopic pruner

    That's spot on thanks Steve. I can also get the groundy to pass my coffee up using the fruit picker
  8. percy verance

    telescopic pruner

    Just found this one that seems like a bargain! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wolf-Garten-Extendable-Bypass-Tree-Loppers-Telescopic-Pruner-Garden-Branch-4M/192509728543?epid=14006278479&hash=item2cd279571f:g:PKsAAOSwcj1aAIl~
  9. percy verance

    telescopic pruner

    Thanks. Do they do an adjustable angled pruning head?
  10. percy verance

    telescopic pruner

    Hi all. I've been using the Fiskars up86 pruner until it gave up the ghost on me the other day. I have been happy with it but there is no where around me that sells the up86 anymore (4m extendable reach) so I'm going to have to order one off the interweb. Before I do though, can anyone recommend any others. I have been looking at the Gardena or Wolf Garden ones also. I would like to keep the price below £100 if possible. Cheers
  11. percy verance

    211 notice

    I've just double checked the planning portal and I've definitely ticked the work in conservation area box not the TPO one. So if I was to crack on before the 'decision' was made there would be no comeback on me in your opinion? I'm just a bit cautious on this one as the tree officer is renowned for being a bit of a stickler!
  12. percy verance

    211 notice

    Thanks Gary. I ticked the box for 'work in a conservation area' box so I'm not sure why I got this response? So would you just carry on regardless after the 6 weeks?
  13. percy verance

    211 notice

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please. I filled out the form on the planning portal to do work in a conservation area on the 14th January. I've not heard anything back from them until I received the letter below today. I'm a bit confused as they have 6 weeks to make a decision from the date of the application yet this letter seems to say that they will make a decision in 21 days from the date of this letter which is the 22nd February. As this will be way after the 6 week period I'm not sure if I can book the work in as I had planned for the start of march? Help please 😞
  14. percy verance

    Carving book

    Hi all. I'm after a chainsaw carving book for one of my employees as a Christmas present as he's just started having a go at it. Can anyone recommend a decent one for a beginner? Cheers
  15. percy verance

    Should it stay or should it go?

    Thanks Neil. I'm back there at the end of the month so I'll use the sheet and give it a score then. Although the path isn't used very much for most of the year, it does get a lot of foot fall in the spring as the whole estate is opened up for a bluebell walk so it might be a case of re-evaluating after winter


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