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  1. Hes not all bad ill give him that. But these incidences are just in the last week. It's been a long process and I'm a bit tired now.......... Any climbers in lincs???!!!!! 😂😁👍
  2. I'm dealing with a problem at the moment. I have only subbies. That I have used for over 4 years. The particular chap in question since I started. He is a good climber, not afraid to get his hands dirty and on his day good to be around, however he has a dark side of which causes me stress. I think it's got to the point where everything he does now becomes annoying. For years he towed the mewp on his truck for additional pay. He moaned no end about it. So I bought a 4x4 it had the intended purpose of towing only. He still moans! Everytime he has to pick it up there drama. The trailers too big or some stupid hold up. He has had a bad attitude to customers on a few occasions, to be honest his fucking mood swings bring everyone down. With work load I can't really afford to lose him. But for my own sanity I think longterm I need to. Last week he took the mewp back to the hire company. First aid bag had been attached to the basket all day and was left on in transit. The next day I got in the truck to go quote. F/a pouch is in footwell however the carabiner and slings attaching it to the basket are nowhere to be seen. I pulled him up on it and he told me there in his garage!!!!!! Why?! I'm having a break down. Advice please
  3. Thank you David humphries I will have a look and take some pictures
  4. I have an l200 as described in the title of this post. IT is not a tipper but am tired of chipping into my ifor Williams canopy so was hoping any of you guys could help with advice/ plans / ideas on a chip box I could put on it, including materials. Or alternatively if anyone is selling something that would fit- and can be sign written please post
  5. Is the quick hip definately for sale? An who do I contact?
  6. I can tow under 750 or a combined 3500
  7. I'm looking for my first chipper and have £2500. Looking for something towable. 07519550023


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