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  1. is the Stihl hsa86 cordless hedge trimmer good enough to be used for garden business use?
  2. I have the 650vm. Cuts nicely, but has never started well from cold. 6 to 12 pulls to get it started. Apparently it’s a common problem with the auto choke on the Briggs engine, which is currently being sorted. Apart from that it’s been fine.
  3. Looking for a good wet grass collector, but don’t really want to spend Etesia prices. Some reviews of Rover say it collects wet grass well. Anyone on here any experience with this mower?
  4. Kohler Courage XT6.75 OHV. Is this engine any good now? The courage range used to be quite poor.
  5. Yes sure. The shaft has worn on one side.
  6. No. It will cost £300. I will keep the mower as it can still be pushed, and it can be used if there is ever any rough grass to be cut.
  7. Honda hrx476. The drive shaft has broken, so needs a new gearbox as you can't just replace drive shaft. Mower is 7 years old.
  8. My broken Honda was 42kg, so I know that weight is ok. That's why I'm considering the Viking MB650 T as its the same weight as Honda. The extra 5 kg of the cobra will be a struggle. The extra 8kg of Lawnflite will be a no no.
  9. So which is the right weight. Lawnflite site says 50kg. FR Jones site say 56kg. Both have the Subaru engine. A few of my lawns I cut, I have to pull mower up a few steps. Now the cobra at 47kg is doable, but definitely not 56kg.
  10. Both these mowers are identical, from Kaaz, but the cobra is 47kg and Lawnflite is 56kg. Any idea where the weight difference is? I would like the weight of the Cobra but can buy the Lawnflite cheaper
  11. Probably going to purchase a Cobra M48SPS with the Subaru Robin engine. Will the engine revs be ok out of the box or will they need adjusting?
  12. Kaaz having a general problem with Kawasaki or an actual problem with engine?
  13. I understand that The professional Cobra range along with Lawnflight are re badged Kaaz machines, but the Cobra 19" uses a Subaru engine instead of a Kawasaki engine. Is the Subaru engine any good?
  14. widge34

    Cub Cadet?

    Are Cub Cadet mowers any good, more so their top end stuff?
  15. Looking at buying a Viking MB650T Have been speaking to my local mower man, and he says although they are good mowers, they do have drive issues. Has anyone experienced this?


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