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  1. Thanks Jay. We had no official survey done but we did try to communicate with the MOD as we wanted to purchase the land to take care of the trees ourself. We had an arborist come and look who recommended removal of this tree to give the rear tree a better chance of survival long term. Yes I think there was some building materials stacked next to it briefly, no digger though as I remember feeling twitchy about where they were putting that (also I think it was only here for a day?). I also don't recall any comments about having to dig through large roots - there was already a single storey brick structure pretty much the size of our extension there (with concrete foundations so deep they had to pneumatic drill them out!!), so we weren't building totally afresh. Re the roots - they regularly drive a big ride on lawn mower over that area or use a strimmer so assuming that could cause the damage? It definitely hasn't grown as much the last year or so & though I don't recall noticing anything unusual about the leaf cover in the Spring/Summer, I don't feel our garden was as full of dead leaves as it usually is in the autumn so wonder if there was less. Thanks 😊
  2. Hi, We have 2 large maple trees right next to our property. This one pictured is within just a few meters and also planted over a high pressure water main 🤦‍♀️ (no idea who had that smart idea!). It's on MOD land and their maintenance is extremely poor, they do nothing with the trees aside from trim them minimally away from buildings and remove storm damage. Prior to our extension 6 years ago we had an arborist inspect it & they identified signs of bacterial bleed which they felt was due to stress. This week we have noticed the same tree (closest pictured to the house) is looking really quite unhealthy. Can anyone suggest what's up with it? (Just to note we do have the same arborist coming back to look but eager to make contact with the MOD if it's something which needs immediate attention...also I'm quite anxious about it 🙈!). Thanks 😊


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