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  1. Gearbox mystery

    Common problem on the discovery box as above mentioned it is the plastic Bush that the gear lever fits in swelling when the box warms up new ones are cheap and make the world of difference
  2. What 2 Stroke?

    This any good
  3. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Alive tuning they have agents all over the country you won't find any better
  4. Log House Suppliers

    Have a look at canadawood.co.uk speak to Dan
  5. Stanley brushcutter

    that was my thinking really but you never know the lidl ones are supposed to be good for what they are
  6. Stanley brushcutter

    Just seen a toolstation offer sheet they have Stanley brushcutter 52cc for 149pounds seems cheap for a powerful machine I wonder who actually makes them anybody know
  7. Dolmar

    Picked this up from Andrew last night cheers mate
  8. Robin ey35 engine

    Thanks Harry the cat I have sent them a message just need to confirm it is the coil before I spend my money
  9. Robin ey35 engine

    I run it again tonight with the stop switch disconnected to rule that out exactly the same twenty minutes then stop but it is chewing up the mess well
  10. Robin ey35 engine

    Looks like some have points and later ones don't so will need to have a good look when I get time bit I am still thinking coil in the back of my head
  11. ArbDogs? Pics!

    This is rascal my sprocker bitch she lives up to her name. Andrew/shavey should recognise the stump she's sat on
  12. Robin ey35 engine

    I haven't looked but if points and condenser were easy enough to get hold of I would change them as well as the coil if I can get one of those aswell. I also had plenty of problems with coils playing up on cars I had a mini for my first car and there were still few cars about with them when I learnt my trade in the garage
  13. Robin ey35 engine

    Close up of coil
  14. Robin ey35 engine

    Hope this picture works
  15. Robin ey35 engine

    Hi Andrew it is a pull start machine I will upload a photo when I work out how. it has got a yellow petrol tank on it I am using top quality hatherliegh fuel so can't be that 😂. I will also be in touch sometime about a saw I still not got round to that I've had lots of other stuff to sort out and the garden been getting out hand out there in wilds


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