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  1. Im in Potters Bar so not too far away. Ive got my truck, trailer, saws etc and soon to buy a new chipper. feel free to PM me Nick
  2. im sqinginf more towards the timberwolf for now to be honest. Just a shame they dont have a turntable
  3. I have a friend with a jensen and i wasnt a big fan of using it to be honest and im lookking for a lighter chipper so that rules our the vermeer and bandit etc for now. maybe in a few years if i have a bigger truck
  4. I thought of the forst and have been renting one for the last 2 days but the chute needs to be longer to get in the truck ok and im not a fan of the touch buttons on the site. much prefer the TW buttons
  5. i just wanted to down weight. my old machine was 1300 kg and quite wide plus gettin git into the warehouse each night was mega anoying as i had to take the chute off every night so wanted to down size. thaknks fro the advice tho chaps
  6. Cheers guys. to be honest i was thinking more to the 230 but just wanted to see if other people had good things to say about the qc
  7. Ill cut it short, Looking for a new chipper and are torn between the Timberwolf 230 and the Greenmech Quad chip. Just asking for some advice from owners and what the like/dislike about the 2 machines. Thanks in advance Nick
  8. ive got a 21 inch bar on the front of my L200 and have to say its got to be the best addition ive added. Makes night driving alot better and can see everything. would defonatly go for it
  9. if its not too far for you, you could try ridgeway composting in enfield. there at holly hill farm. £30 per load plus VAT and they take both logs and chip
  10. Have they tried Reviva Composting? there in elstree. not too sure on cost the. I use Redgeway composting on the redgeway between Potters Bar and Enfield. They charge £36 a load but it may be too far out of there way. Hope this helps Nick
  11. Best place to use is Ridgeway Composting on the Ridgeway in Enfield. About a 15-20 min drive from Borehamwood. They charge £36 per load but you have to separate logs and chip Hope it helps Nick
  12. Not too sure what you think about this one. its available in Enfield. Give Tony a ring on 07500532281. Its his lorry so he knows all about it etc. Tell him Nick Stevenson gave you his number if your interested
  13. Yeah its a joke really. The police wont do anything about it because its too much effort for them to put down the doghnuts and do some work. Thanks tho chaps
  14. Evening all. Last night I came home late is to go out, parked my truck outside my hose and went out in the car. I came home this afternoon to find the truck unlocked and my Stihl MS200t missing from the back of the truck This is the second time this week. the first was just about £3.50 in loose change and a half bottle of aftershave but last night was the saw. My guess is that there using a Ford master key as i know 110% my truck was locked. Ill see if i can get the seriel number from Honey Brothers in the morning. Its a 2009 model which I bought new. The saw has 'Nick Stevenson' engraved on the air filter cover, the side plate and on the bottom of the saw. If anyone hears about it (which I highly dout) please ring me on 07961691340. Thanks Nick
  15. youve got yourself a deal. but joking aside there looks like alot of wood there so ill take what i can and then if you still want it i guess you could pop up?


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