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  1. Hi Fonzy, a belated cheers for that. Give him a nudge if he's interested as I've got some time in the yard coming this week and will be able to sort stuff out if needed. Ernie.
  2. Hi Fonzy, I'm in LN9 get him to drop me an email: marquees@tentorium.org.uk . Don't have the shavings/sawdust Les does but may be able to offer other species of wood in chunks etc. Ernie.
  3. Hi Mike, hope you're well. I had an incident, 2/3 years ago, on the A34 in the morning rush hour. Going sideways down the dual carriage way, a-frame of the trailer flat against the rear bumper, did a complete 360, absolutely bricking it... minimal damage, tightened the load carried on but more cautiously. Been towing a 3.5 tonne trailer for the last 15 years. Problem that day was heavy but not overloaded trailer, but the load was uneven ( too front hvy if I recall). Power on up a big hill to keep going didn't ease off before the crest (always advisable to be slowing before you come over the top) and then the trailer was chasing me/trying to overtake. Essentially you want the load as central as possible on the trailer so that its balanced, ideally so that you could effectively wind the jockey wheel up and the trailer doesn't tip forward or back. You don't want the weight to be either "lifting" the rear of your motor or forcing it down and making the steering light. Also agree that the lorry ruts don't help, I find you tend to get pulled to the side sometimes if one wheel of the trailer finds a rut. I would agree that maybe a higher hitch would help, try a Dixon Bates adjustable one, check with the tow bar place you use if they're compatible with your attachments.. Hope that kind of helps. Ernie.
  4. Gobby, You may be able to apply for one of the grants on offer. There's 3 kinds: Sbrr of £10k, Larger rate payers of £25k and a third type for leisure business that's been screwed by the lock down. You can only get one of the 3, obviously for the first 2 you need to registered for business rates at some level. But if you don't pay business rates you might get the third one. I spoke to a mate who runs a big marquee firm yesterday (to big for either of the rates related grants) and he said that the marquee trade body had got an MP to ask in Parliament what the score was, Rishi Sunak said that events firms were eligible for the grant that pubs restaurants events venues etc can claim as all the weddings shows festivals etc were cancelled. So I reckon as you rely on shows etc for your business it's worth a try. Haven't got a link to what was said but the trade body is MUTA (Made Up Textiles Association, yes despite the name it really exists). Ernie.
  5. Think so, all the stock is insured at replacement value. So cost price for the marquees tools etc. I'll find out soon as spoke to the broker today as renewal is end of April.
  6. Not sure regards the Se side but we're eligible for the £10k from the SBRR grant scheme. Checked on the local authority website, and had to fill in a claim form, they hadn't notified us that you needed to do this, I was originally under the impression that as its rates related they were just going to sort it. Anyway got an email confirming receipt of application, now awaiting some cash... With the 80% for PAYE you've got to wait for the new HMRC portal to be up and running, supposedly soon, before you can confirm staff as furloughed and then claim back March and each month thereafter, April May if still off work. No news yet on what the scoop is for SE other than you'll get 3 months (March, April, May) money in June (80% of your average trading profit for the years 16-17, 17-18. 18-19 divided by 36 x 3 ) regardless of whether your able to work or not, how they haven't said yet. Edit I'm going to see about doing asparagus picking tomorrow, 'til the end of June.
  7. We use a broker for the insurance, a combined policy for the marquee hire (summer) and forestry (winter) parts of our work. Saves all the mucking about for quotes, they do all the legwork finding the best policy, and deal with claims for you also. Company we use is Marsh Commercial, formerly Jelf (recent takeover). They got us cover through Aviva.
  8. Hi Saul, Not trying to cheeky have you considered fruit/crop picking till things pick up? I'm pondering it myself so I know that they're recruiting now (lettuce near Ely starts this week). Work from April to October. We should've been starting our summer festival marquee jobs soon, all cancelled, was going to do some tree planting called off as not essential all accommodation shut for the lockdown. Cheers Ernie.
  9. Hi Sandspider, bit late posting on the thread, been working away this week and only just saw it. We do marquee work in the summer and coppicing/thinning/charcoal winter and around the marquee work. I think you should look at frame marquees, they are temporary structures, got a feeling the 28 day limit is for events on one site ( been a while since I've had to remember the rules for this as its not the kind of marquee work I get involved in now). Lots used for temporary storage, I know of some that have been temporary for 20 years (we've got one in our yard that's been there for 10 years at least, so long I can't remember when it went up). Also got a 2.1m x 6m frame in my garden as a log store, sides but no ends (4 1/2 years). They have eave height of 2.4m ridge about 3.5/4m. The alu. frame will last for ever these covers easily 25 years and counting. From hocker/hoecker or roder/roeder good for winds up to 60/70mph. Have a look on www.curlew.co.uk its the marquee trade 2nd hand website. Probably cost you around £500 one single 3m bay of 3/4m wide. Might get a 6mx6m pagoda/witches hat for the same money, about£1000 3/4mx 6m. Ernie.
  10. No Mark, that's a phallus which is just a load of cock.
  11. Ernesto


    Don't worry Les that's all in hand too. Now just hope the anti-ageing/ telomere restoration research works.
  12. Ernesto


    Got given this last year, by a mate who's got about 1/2 a dozen of these randomly in his garden, kindly planted there by squirrels from a nearby tree. Now all I've got to do is live for another 150 years and I'll be rich. Rich I tell you!💲💲💲 Ernie.
  13. Yes we got the inside faces of the sheet lined with ceramic fibre insulation, 50mm thick still gets too hot to touch on the outside, but then again it's over450c inside. Drop me a pm with your number if you fancy a chat with a fellow charcoal spotter. Ernie.
  14. It's galv. The Base plkate over the fire which the charge sits on ( in the shopping baskets, if you remember) is 3mm stainless, bottled it on the price for a sheet of the stuff they use for cat converters. Not sure how long it'll last, but the similar sheet in the brick retort is still solid. Yep those bags look pretty similar to the ones we got from Selway. easy for us as they're only about 7 miles from the retort.


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