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  1. No Mark, that's a phallus which is just a load of cock.
  2. Ernesto


    Don't worry Les that's all in hand too. Now just hope the anti-ageing/ telomere restoration research works.
  3. Ernesto


    Got given this last year, by a mate who's got about 1/2 a dozen of these randomly in his garden, kindly planted there by squirrels from a nearby tree. Now all I've got to do is live for another 150 years and I'll be rich. Rich I tell you!💲💲💲 Ernie.
  4. Yes we got the inside faces of the sheet lined with ceramic fibre insulation, 50mm thick still gets too hot to touch on the outside, but then again it's over450c inside. Drop me a pm with your number if you fancy a chat with a fellow charcoal spotter. Ernie.
  5. It's galv. The Base plkate over the fire which the charge sits on ( in the shopping baskets, if you remember) is 3mm stainless, bottled it on the price for a sheet of the stuff they use for cat converters. Not sure how long it'll last, but the similar sheet in the brick retort is still solid. Yep those bags look pretty similar to the ones we got from Selway. easy for us as they're only about 7 miles from the retort.
  6. Thought they'd be about that. We had some of the larger bags from Selway, we get about 10kg in them, I tried and could just about get 12kg without making them sealable. I know what you mean re temperature the last burn we did we struggled to get the kiln properly hot, a combination of wind from the wrong direction for the fire and slightly damp fuel for the fire, not for the charcoal charge. Anyway here's some bonus pics of our metal retort, featuring the bellows to help get the fire going/hot and the 3 size selway bags we produce. Ernie.
  7. Hi Beau, good to see you're shifting some bulk charcoal. Just being nosey what weight are those bags on the pallet? They look fairly large, 10kg? Ernie.
  8. Hi all, doing a late thin/coppice on a shoot so will have 200 definitely (maybe more) 5'6'' hazel stakes available from Thursday next week (28th). £1 each inc vat. I know its late for hedge laying, but if anyone needs them let me know before Monday, Otherwise they'll become charcoal. They'll be in RG7 near Reading. Either pm me or text 07876230293. Cheers Ernie.
  9. Hi J, probably worth a look at evans-engineering.co.uk . they're in Launceston, been doing water wheels/hydro since 1810. Ernie
  10. Hi Acer, generally the system (around Berks/Hampshire anyway) to get over-stood hazel (which this will be at 18yrs old) back into rotation is as follows. You cut the stand for free and get all of the wood you want, or if the estate has a use for it, they will pay by the tonne. The wood won't have massive commercial value as you'll struggle to get much product out of the stand (either binders, bean poles or stakes). There'll be some but most will be bigger diameter stems (hazel gives good firewood logs, small size though). Then when the stand has regrown to usable size, 7 years or so, you also get the first cut of the newly grown back 'in-rotation' coppice, again for free as part of the original contract. This should be much more the right size for usable product. Then the estate has an in-rotation coppice as a usable resource for the future. Hope that makes sense. Ernie.
  11. Hi Beau, much belated reply, been out and about doing marquees on the festival circuit, with a bit of charcoaling in between. Yes that's essentially what happens , Dr Adam sells you a set of plans with permission to build up to 4 retorts, you can pay per retort if you want to build any others. You have to sign a contract/confidentiality agreement re the design and send the location for those you build. Her's the result of the shopping basket batch 55 baskets in 3 and a bit burned away as too close to the vent, I knew we'd left a gap previously for a reason ,doh! Just need to do some weighing to work out the conversion rate. But overall a better burn with better conversion than when densely packed in. Ernie.
  12. Finally got some time to get this done. The 2 flue stacks are 4m high (making it look like a model of Battersea power station) this was to improve the draw as we were losing a lot of heat out of the door of the fire box, we also raised the base plate another 100mm again to keep the heat underneath. The chamber is lined with ceramic fibre insulation again to keep the heat in the charge and not lose too much into the brickwork. The crack happened before the mods as we over heated the fire box/front corner trying to get the temperature up; crack repointed and also heat resistant silicone applied where it opened slightly, now airtight. Arb waste for the fire not for charge in the background. the pulleys lift the lid on a pivot hinge, for top loading. These picks are from Thursday, emptied the last load and refilled with a new charge (now in shopping baskets to make loading/unloading quicker and easier. Also stack nicely, we'll see how its works next Thursday when we look inside. The kiln had been lit about ten mins when I took these. Ernie.
  13. Hi Buster, can probably sort this for you. Am I right in thinking you're in Lincs? I'll be down in Berkshire working this week but am coming back home to Horncastle on Thursday. I could bring you 50 bags up on the van. It'll all be hardwood mainly hazel, with a bit of birch and chestnut. If that works for you let me know, email me your mobile number. email: marquees@tentorium.org.uk. Ernie.
  14. Sorry for the delay posting again Beau been working in my main summer job on the marquees, up at Download and am back for the derig on Tuesday. Yes the retort will hold just about 4 cube of loose stacked wood but was only about 3/4 full for that burn. So probably looking at around 150-200 kg of charcoal plus loads of fines. I am going to see if I can moves the fines as bio-char, via the farm shops also. Anyway the only pics of the retort are on an old phone so I'll try and get some Monday and probably get them up here next weekend. Cheers Ernie.
  15. Hi Beau Image of our latest batch in the Adam retort, hazel and birch if I recall. I think you're about right with your price, we also use the Selway coppice assoc bags; we get £2 for the small and £3.90 for the large from the farm shops near us. Not sure what the mark up is when they retail them on. Check out Oxford charcoal's website they sell retail from around £2.80 a kilo for Non species specific. Or Matt at Hertswood's Stag charcoal website ,think he's closer to £2 a kilo for "ordinary" hardwood charcoal. On the enquires I've made for larger bags, 10kilo, the best I've been offered locally is £1 a kilo, the argument being they need a 50%ish mark up in the shop for retail. Also at that end you're starting to compete with the12kg blue caterer's charcoal bags, imported which they sell for around£10-12. It's tricky but I think the market for high end charcoal is fairly limited outside of London. Most people will buy by price, or bulk( as we both know 5kg of well made charcoal gives you a greater volume than 5kg of the dense imported stuff. I reckon about 3kg of our charcoal will fill a bag that has 5Kg of the heavier charcoal in it, but people will often go for the 5 over the 3 as they think its better value for the extra 2kgs of weight, even though its the same volume) Hope that all makes sense, seem to have gone a bit convoluted and waffly at the end. Ernie.


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