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  1. Lea Valley Regional Park rangers have gone over to using battery chainsaws. Great for the small jobs they do.
  2. Head of parks in my borough told me the same however they also said they would still permit it's use for JK and Giant Hogweed which is a much bigger problem on one of the sites I work on. Spraying will have a negative impact of insects however it seems that stem fill or injection will have little impact. Last year knocked out 85% of the JK by injection when previous years spraying seems to have just kept it in check.
  3. Have some box hedging in my local park that has blight. Some has died and others seem to be fighting on with new leaves reappearing. Have though about Lavender with a trim once a year should stop it going leggy.
  4. I've also got the 14HP Hyundai. Couldn't be happier with it although haven't used it much. It's a two man job to assemble as some bits are large and heavy although I managed most without help apart from the feed shoot. Battery cover was a bit of a struggle to get on. Plastic curtains on the feed shoot are a bit thin and don't stop things getting throw back at whoevers feeding it I make a point to stand to one side when feeding, will replace a some stage with something heavier. Bought a cheap hour meter to go on it to remind me to change the oil. Am also going to do something about the top of the discharge shoot if you angle it to discharge on the ground near where you are working some chip comes back over the machine. However at half the cost of comparable machines I'm willing to put up with some small issues. Would certainly buy another.
  5. As an amateur if they're getting hung up on one another I would use a pole saw to remove side growth on the side you want it to fall towards and along the sides that run along the hedge. Rope as high up the tree as you can safely get to apply tension in the fall direction and then just notch cut the main stem. All done from ground level. and not as if you need to do them quickly on a day rate.
  6. That the one I bought so far been very happy with it. Only thing to watch with it which I'm not sure whether happens with other machines is the sheets covering the feed shoot don't stop chip being thrown back out. Have used an Eliet in the past which has a metal plate to stop this, thin bits of plastic don't serve the same purpose. Occasional 6" long dagger shaped pieces 20ft out the feed shoot, just make sure to stand to one side. Steve
  7. I run volunteer events in a park in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. One of the tasks we want to start this winter is laying the hawthorn that is growing alongside a number of steps in the park. The hawthorn was planted 20+ years ago and the only stretch that has ever been dealt with just gets cut off at 4ft from the ground. Looking for stakes and binders as although there is a lot of timber around the site it not been properly managed so not much we could harvest and use so need some suggestions of suppliers to purchase from.
  8. Was looking at the walk behind 250Kg ones can't justify anything bigger or have anywhere to store it. Spent ages last winter replanting those whips that had had failed to survive last years hot spell and have lost some we replanted with this years hot spell so want to give the rest a better chance of surviving next year.
  9. Looking at getting a mini dumper to move chip to mulch around about 3000 whips chip would be dropped about 1/2K from the furthest trees and route would involve a mix of tarmac and grass and a 30 degree grassed slope. Seems options of wheeled or tracked and direct or chain drive. How would the tracks last on tarmac? Any other pointers or things to look out for.
  10. I run a volunteer project in East London working on a number of ecology sites and use seven stihl strimmers using stihl square 2.4 and 2.7mm line. Saw the fancy new line in last years catalogue. My dealer doesn't carry it so phoned stihl asking whether they could send me a few metres to try, no you have to get your dealer to ask the rep. Have thought about emailing Stihl Germany for some, get the impression that this is par for the course from stihl uk. Anybody used the triple layer line is it worth trying to get a sample?
  11. Currently have an Eliet minor and looking for something a bit bigger around max 200Kg. Timberwolf 13/75 looks nice but have seen the Hyundai small chipper which seems a very good price. Anyone know anything about these? Made by Hyundai or badge engineering? Steve
  12. I've a couple of 460s and a 410. Not run a mulching blade on the 410 but it runs well on a 460. 360, 410 and 460 all weigh the same so cc and price are the difference.
  13. Treequip thanks for that. I wouldn't be looking to charge the church. Church of England seems to have a lot of money but individual churches have to raise money from their congregation for any work needed to the building or grounds which is why they look for volunteers to undertake some of the easier work on their grounds. This church had to pay for a large tree to be removed two years ago but obviously their congregation would rather any money raised was seen to make a difference in the wider community. Just trying to be my bit to make their life easier.
  14. Thank for the advice so far. Have just reread what the TO has said and as Chris said those not covered by the TPO measuring over 7.5cm at 1.5M will require a S211 the rest will need TPO permission. the TO has said planning permission is also required? Can see the sense in trying for ongoing permission but how could we word planning permission to have this? Church wouldn’t want to keep paying out for this every few years.
  15. I run a voluntary orgnisation working on a number of green space including three churchyards. One of the churchyards is in a conservation area and several of the trees have TPOs. Looking to remove the epicormic growth and remove some of the smaller low branches that make it difficult to walk around the site. The LA are suggesting that we will have to submit section 211 notices for this work. Is this resonable or should we expect as we are not intending to do major work on the trees a more informal agreement? Steve


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