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  1. Treekit sometimes have one or two in. Sold as 'an expensive keyring'.
  2. RuVo

    Which new saw?

    Ran over with forwarder
  3. I use the tree austria shoulder straps with a treemotion (when using big saw). They are good.
  4. I tend to stick up photos of things I find on my instagram, https://www.instagram.com/ruvophoto for anyone who may be interested.
  5. Found loads of goodies in the New Forest working this year. Will see if i can upload some half sensible pics (all taken on cell phone). I'll skip the scientific names: Devil's fingers, chanterelles, blusher (I think), cauliflower fungus, cep/porcini, porcelain fungus, oyster, parasol.
  6. https://www.elmia.se/en/wood/ more details soon i expect...
  7. if you really wanted to decend on the srt line like that you could just use a figure 8 as the additional friction device. A bit of a pain to have to ascender back up to your floating achor on the DRT system though.
  8. you can use something like a cocoon (https://www.treekit.com/cocoon-with-sling.html) or pinto on a prussic as your floating drt anchor from your srt line. You can either install it from the ground or once you are up. Only retrievalbe from ground with base anchor however and still runs the risk of getting snagged if your top anchor is tight. Ropeguide twinline is a very tidy solution also, but $$$.
  9. RuVo

    Rope question

    Is this some sort of sneaky marketing ploy? If not can someone check out and review this rope please. Around £1.50 per metre for a decent SRT line seems like a potential bargain.
  10. Ah yea that's a nasty looking laurel infestation you have there. Best course of treatment cut to ground level, stem inject with glyphosate
  11. Hard to say without a sense of scale etc. Was it found in alive of dead wood? Possibly Nacerdes melanura (Wharf borer) or similar.


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