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  1. How did you get cover from nfu?? When i contacted them they told me they don't cover tree surgery as it's too high risk for them.
  2. Clint... I manage fine. I thought I would struggle too, but with 2 8ft scaffold boards and one scaffold board in the middle to walk up then its manageable. I have a rope through a karabiner on my van bulkhead and attach the other end to the chipper handle and then I use the rope to slowly pull it up. It fits in through the back door with 1cm to spare above.
  3. Just bought myself the skarper c90. Used for the first time yesterday on a couple of plum take downs. Handled the brash upto 2.5 inches really well and pulled it straight through without any hesitation. Anything bigger I kept as firewood. Bought from Jim at Upson Mowers. Very helpful guy and great service.
  4. Thanks for the info. Are these recorded checks something I can do myself or do I have to take them somewhere periodically for a formal check?
  5. Good morning. Do tripod steps need any sort of certification/formal checks (similar to loler) before I can let an employee use them? Thankyou.
  6. To be honest in the last recession I was just as busy as when we weren't in it. So to me it looks like unless I want someone to operate anything other than a rake I must find someone with tickets already or I will need to pay to put them through their tickets. I really am excited about the thought of a staff member but I'm also really scared about getting screwed if something goes wrong. Can they use step ladders for hedge cutting or is that a no no?
  7. My business has reached a point where I think I need a part time employee. I have tried the subcontractor and cash in hand route but I just can't rely on them enough so I wanted more stability and security. I think to start with somebody to help me with ground work, hedge cutting, chipping etc. I need advice please on what training/certification I need for tripod steps (do they have to have formal checks or does an employee need training on how to use them) and would an employee need a lantra/nptc ticket before they can operate my hedge cutters or micro chipper? Just trying to find out how much I need to do as a current sole trader and how much I will need to spend on someone. I am considering becomming limited to protect my assets, using an accountant for payslips / tax, ins, holidays etc. Also on hse website it states with less than 5 employees the paperwork is less comprehensive
  8. PeteB... Are you a cs100 owner? Are they a good machine and are the blades easy to change on them? I'm looking into the cs100 as I have a dealer 20 minutes from me, they have a 3 Yr warranty and they have a good resale value. My other option is the skarper c90. 800.00 cheaper and probably easier to move around but the dealer is 3 hours away and only comes with a 2yr warranty
  9. Hi everyone. Just been to my local greenmech dealership and been quoted 5000.00 for a brand new cs100. This price includes the vat. It doesn't come with a trailer. Is this price reasonable? Also, how feasible is it to get these machines into the back of a panel van or twin axle trailer? Thanks.
  10. For my setup a micro chipper is the best option. I don't have the need for a large chipper and I don't have a tipper van so I'm going down the micro chipper route. They are surprisingly good. I'm just wandering on the price I've been quoted.
  11. Is 5000.00 including the vat (no trailer) a good price for a brand new cs100?
  12. Hello. I'm looking to buy a mini chipper just before the main tree season and have narrowed it down to the skarper c90 and greenmech cs100. I have used a Haecksler which is the same as the Skarper and it is a capable machine but I have no experience of the greenmech. Can anyone tell me how easy the blades are to change, ease of moving it, how practical it is to get into a panel van/trailer, how reliable they are. Also why is the current selling price of the cs100 and also how much do a set of blades cost. Many thanks everyone.
  13. Hello and thankyou. I have a mixture of wood. Some Ash, oak, cherry and some pine. All are well seasoned. Is yacht varnish or polyurethane varnish any good?
  14. Hello all. I want to make some stools etc for the garden from some big logs I have seasoned. I have sanded them up and they look lovely but I can't find any information on what to paint on them to protect them from the elements. I want something that is tough yet still brings out the grain. Thankyou.
  15. I've not seen this before either. Even individual pieces of wood chip have developed this glutinous slime. I have barrowed quite a bit into a heap in my back garden so I hope it isn't bad news as I don't want to have to take it all out again.


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