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  1. Cordwood wanted and or Arb wood Not looking for something for nothing, happy to pay going rates, HP14 area collected or delivered Artic loads,tipper loads what ever you have, Cheers!
  2. loose loads on the landy, Just empted a bag into a cube wooden frame,and one third was left over always filled the bag to the brim, but yes they have stretched over time,god knows how much I have given away over the last 5yrs
  3. Just had a measure up, L 1.96 W 1.75 H 0.51 Not sure what that is in terms of m3 If I drop two of those bags on there, to be honest I cant really get them all on be good to know what im really delivering,the jobs hard enough without giving them away Maybe 4 pallets nailed together and fill that up then see what that represents on the truck Thanks for your input
  4. Can I just jump in, I fill those big vented 1 m3 bags when I drop 2 x m3 bags on my 110 defender with twin springs and high sided body she is pretty much maxed out how do you manage to get 2 cube on a hilux or are those old streched bags coming to more than a cube?
  5. Cords thats interesting,I think thats a US measurement? or did we in England used it back in the day I have been in the firewood game for 40 yrs and have only dealt with tonnage or cubic meters
  6. I have 3/4 Oak butts been in dry storage for 10 or 12 yrs around 25/30" round would they be worth anything?or shall I just firewood them
  7. Fantastic post Mark, Took the words right out of my mouth, Yes if they do turn up ask them about my f**king log splitter and Trailer that have disappeared And thats me that has submitted my application and shed out good money for what seems like nothing Thinking about it who in their right mind would accept a load of wet wood and even more try and burn it,if its wet it wont burn anyway surly.
  8. Yeh I dont think I shall bother with it even though im paid up,I can get 2m3 on my trucks no problem dont want anyone in my yard poking about, and me having to suck up to some jobsworth
  9. I think I gave them something like £510.00,passed the application they took the money and never heard another word Well they have emailed me once since saying if I joined now they could discount £125 off the £510 Which I have already paid.Basically they have dropped the price to try and draw in the last few victims Yeh one of those im affraid ,I sat on the fence for months wish I had stayed on the f**ker
  10. Yeh biomass....Sounds good though, totally agree with you
  11. Round here Im thinking those that have registered will be reporting those that have not Strong competition in this neck of the woods
  12. Well I have gone and submitted my Woodsure application,not totally happy with paying out but reckon its only fair on folk that have made the effort to do things right,and |I dont really want to be on the wrong side of the regs. Anyone know what to expect when they come out to do the audit?I have a couple of smallish barns 5m x 14m stack the logs on pallets,sheds are covered on three sides and open fronted,with the poss of a drop down gale breaker during the winter. Thing is there pretty much empty this time of year,normally fill up in the spring and summer,so not much to see,
  13. when you say shut you down,had you gone through and paid for the woodsure process? Totaly agree with the above,I have chucked many a good load of dry wood in some old damp?leaking shed......OMG!
  14. looking like we better get registered with them,I reckon we shall loose a lot of trade by selling by the 2cube So anyone know the story? they come and check out my barns take some logs away for testing and if sub20% all good I think i read somewhere that the timber must be accredited ?No idea what that means,I do know on our firewood invoices it states the timber is non accredited . Sometimes the harder you try the worst it gets,been doing a good job in recent years,getting all the split wood in the barn with plenty of air flowing through there,and that timbers been stacked in cord outside for 24months before putting a saw anywhere near it....some lovely stuff


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