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  1. Where I was on holiday last year near Cognac in France they were harvesting some of the blocks of poplar (which variety I have no idea). They are planted all over the place in between the vineyards and seem to be planted at final spacings, all beautifully neat and well looked after. The signs on the timber were to do with paper manufacturing, but the guy I managed a conversation with (my crap French!) said that the bigger stuff is used for the fruit and cheese boxes, then the small stuff for paper.
  2. I cut into this 15piece of oak with the intention of cutting some nice long 2x4 and 2x6s but the pippy grain is so nice it seems a waste. What would you do? Thanks
  3. I had the same concerns as you, regarding the hole size, but when fitting it all together and getting it completely straight and parallel from end to end and even side to side a bit of wiggle room was definitely useful.
  4. Get in touch with local wood turners. It can be made into some beautiful bowls by someone with the right skills and kit.
  5. Rob do they have any more info on the Timberpro. I'm keen to get one of their tools for moving logs about and would obviously rather take advantage of your discount but can't find any information about them at all. Thanks
  6. Youngstu

    Lewis winch

    What portable winch did you got for? I'm thinking about either getting a portable one or one for the front of my ranger, not sure which to go for, especially as I'm pretty sure the so called discreet winch mount won't be as discrete as it's supposed to be with the intercooler in front of the radiator. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your suggestions guys. Some good things to bear in mind.
  8. Hi. I'm planning on building a shepherds hut on a bale trailer in my woodland. I'm going to be getting some milling done this year and ideally would like to build it from as much of my own timber as possible. Just wondering about suggestions for which timbers would be best for framing, exterior cladding and internal cladding. The home grown options that I have include oak (lots), beech (enough), cherry, ash, birch (some and much of the ash and beech is smaller diameter). I'm planning on building the shepherds hut in place without any intention of it actually going anywhere (but it can if it needs to;) Any thoughts greatly appreciated Stu
  9. Hi. I'm after tree tubes, prob 1.2m + to give the 400+ trees that we got free from the woodland Trust last year a good chance against the roaming Reds that we have in these parts. Who would anybody recommend for a cheap supplier or a good alternative. Thanks Stu
  10. Youngstu

    Hakeford Woods

    Wood chips required for Forest School paths etc. please call ahead 07754538415 (regular mobile) 07470225557 (woods mobile during school times)
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll do some asking of the guys involved.
  12. Hi, looking for some advice please I'm going to be getting some timber out of my woodland in North Devon with the intention of getting it milled up for use sale green and/or seasoned in the future. I'll be using horseloggers to get it out of the woods, then milled nearby. Just wondering what lengths it's best to cut it to for ease of movement/milling/future sales. The oak will vary from 30-50cm diameter, timber lengths up to about 12 metres The cherry is 30-40cm diameter, 8-10m timber height. Thanks for any suggestions Stu
  13. Found in Devon Copied from the Devon smallholders Facebook page: "Chainsaw found in the road between Eggesford Station and Wembworthy just after 08.00 this morning (Tuesday 21st), probably having fallen off a truck going in the Wembworthy/ Winkleigh direction" It's a 560XP Thought it might belong to someone on here!


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