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  1. Hi! Thanks for your reply! Whats a gear reduction engine? ive been using the winch for a few days and all was ok until we pulled some big oak! Think it must have stripped the teeth from the driven gear! Not sure what the gear ratio was as ive yet to find any data on the gearbox!! im going to replace it with a 100:1 drive and also get a new pully sorted thats flat rather than tapered as the rope keeps running over each other and wrapping up if you have a few coils on
  2. Hi does anyone know where to get gearboxes for capstan winches?
  3. Hi wondering what tree this was? Thought maybe a pear tree?
  4. Anyone know where to get these from that bolt on to the outer clutch casing like the 560?
  5. Sound job! I was thinking about getting a 261c for the 15” bar as it’s lighter weight than the 560 for de limbing and felling small trees and having the 560 with an 18”-20” bar for the slightly bigger stuff
  6. I’ve got a 24 on atm but could do with something abit bigger to for some ash trunks I’ve got to ring up
  7. Hi i have a 560xp and was thinking about putting a larger bar on it! I’ve always just ran the 15inch stock bar but was thinking of going upto a 18 or 20 just winding if anyone else has this set up? Or if the bar would be to large ? also looking at putting 30inch on a 576xp has anyone got any advise on this?
  8. Hi! Yeah I’d done abit of reading about this and it said about the bleeding so was going to winter 👍
  9. Thanks that’s around what some of the local lads had quoted 👍 is it ok to have the work done through the summer? Think I read some where that it’s not ok when it’s coming into leaf but once leafs are established and the sap/ water levels have stabilised then it’s ok?
  10. Thanks for the reply’s I know you can’t quote with out looking at the job but have you got any ball park figure’s for the oak tree pollarding?
  11. Hi my parents have a few trees that require some work! They have a maple of some description, it has dark red leafs? That needs re-pollarding when would this best be done? Would waiting until next winter be best or could it be done through the summer? the second tree is a big oak, it’s been reduced about 5 years ago but now they are thinking of having that pollarded! When would the best time to get someone to sort that? They want it doing soonish so it’s not blocking the light trough the summer! pic of the oak tree
  12. Hi just finishing off my first year doing logs and I’m in need of somewhere to store firewood im in the belper area in Derbyshire looking for something close by! Does anyone know of anything??? thanks ashley
  13. Ashley_smith

    Full wrap

    Hi what is a full wrap handle used for?
  14. Cheers! What’s the latest I could do the prune?
  15. My parents have a maple tree it’s been pollarded in the past and is required Again as it’s growing up through the phone lines! what time of year is best to cut back? thanks ashley
  16. My only fear was having a trailer plated at 3500kg and the vehicle being plated at 2700kg and the police trying to do me
  17. If I had a trailer that is capable of taking 3500kg but only loading it to the vehicle max of 2700?
  18. Yeah I was looking at an ifor Williams trailer and there is 2 different weight variants for the same trailer and was wondering if it would be ok to pull the 3500kg variant or if I’d have to have the 2700kg the same as the vehicle max tow weight?
  19. Ashley_smith

    540i xp

    Has anyone used this saw yet? How long does the battery last? thanks ashley
  20. Ashley_smith


    Hi i was looking at getting a pick up and was just wondering about trailer towing and vehicle payload weights I the vehicle was towing a trailer fully loaded to a total of 2700 inc trailer would the payload in the pick up still be 1000kg or does it change? If the max towing weight is 2700 could you still tow a 3500kg trailer? thanks ashley
  21. Hi just wondering if anyone can I’d this? not a cue what it is
  22. Hi i was wondering if someone could help me ID this please initially I thought it was hornbeam but then got unsure so here I am
  23. Where we are working atm we have people coming down pretending to be from the FC ?


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