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  1. Looking good! that wood all sold J? You on site this weekend? cheers Sam
  2. MooresFT

    Hows the budget effecting you?

    If it’s green let’s have a monopoly. Our quest to have choice and a cheaper option is the reason we still use non-green fuels. If it costs extra to save the planet then that’s the cost we need to pay, end of.
  3. MooresFT

    Chestnut stakes wanted

    As per title really looking for 5/6 artics loads of chestnut stakes this winter. 5’6 length and cleft preferably. transport can be arranged. Thanks
  4. MooresFT

    Yard Crane

    Simple as that. I am after something to use in the yard for moving timber around, loading decks and loading/unloading vehicles! what does everyone use? needs to be a standalone vehicle that lives in the yard permanently. currently thinking of an old but cheap 13/14 tracked excavator with a swivel + grab on it? any ideas? budget up to 7kish cheers!
  5. MooresFT

    Yard Crane

    We've got a 5 ton digger with a hydraulic thumb that we use, but it wouldnt be able to live in the yard 100% of the time as we have it out on other jobs etc. I'm a fencing contractor, so we have a few artics loads of stakes sat in the yard all of the time along with our firewood business. A tractor and loader doesnt appeal to me, for the money i want to spend you are getting a smallish tractor which also scuffs and makes a mess in the yard. Thought about a lorry with a decent sit on top crane, just not sure where to source the MOT failure lorry? The rubber duck is a definte option, a guy locally to me has one with a hitch on the blade so he can drag his trailer around the yard and load as he goes. The idea of the big digger is the reach i suppose, it can be parked and reach a fair amount, or just tracked up and down a single stretch and be able to reach both sides, also fairly useful for helping the artics in ...
  6. MooresFT

    Growing firewood

    Have you got any pictures of height for those Omeo? that growth rate is impressive!
  7. if your looking at that money then a disco 4 has to be the way, i know you got stung with one before, but if you are planning on doing some mileage then they are comfy and go like stink. Im 6'5 and its the only vehicle ive sat in where i dont need the seat all the way back!
  8. MooresFT

    Tajfun 480 plus video

    dragging this up from the dead, but GDH how are you getting on with your 480? Did you buy through Kilworth? do you think its worth spending the money on the plus version? TIA Sam
  9. as per title Artic load of 5'6 stakes wanted ASAP. Will organise own transport. Contact on here for my number. Thanks
  10. Mate give Minehead Sawmills a ring. Clifford who owns it, lives at Brayford and has a forwarder there. Cheers
  11. MooresFT

    Fencing grade sweet chestnut poles available

    Will have you got a contact number please?
  12. MooresFT

    hardwood and softwood wanted south devon

    oversize or processor? could sort you some oak if thats any good?
  13. MooresFT

    60t of Chestnut wanted Surrey

    he wants to wait until next winter, buying 60ton now its going to be summer cut. Also... 60ton is a hell of a lot of meterage for post n rail.
  14. MooresFT

    Firewood barns in an ideal world

    Motorway crash barriers. I'll put some pictures up tomorrow of our set up, works a treat.
  15. MooresFT

    Oak sawlogs

    What's your spec?
  16. MooresFT

    A public "good" must be paid for from the public purse

    i thought he came across pretty well.. Farms need to be efficient businesses, not an environmental project. He said the farms should stand on their own two feet and the only subsidies paid are for parcels of land being farmed inefficiently for environmental reasons.
  17. As the title says I am after 50t plus of Winter cut chestnut (preferably this years) various lengths / diameters considered. PM me please Thanks in advance Sam
  18. MooresFT

    Deer Fencing

    Box strainer. Longer the cross bar the better. At least 10ft. Use two rolls of stock net to save investing in more equipment if it's a one off job. How you putting the posts in the ground?
  19. Drop me an email address and I'll send over some prices Thanks
  20. Drying in the round is a waste of time for this very reason! I can see it's an easy way of storing timber but you can't claim your timber is seasoned this way. Splitting a log increases the exposed unbarked faces and therefore increases the rate at which the timber drys.
  21. where abouts in somerset are you and how much SC do you want?
  22. MooresFT

    Pressure Treating Hardwoods

    Where abouts in Somerset are you? Might shortly have enough sweet chestnut or oak. Message me!
  23. MooresFT

    Stock fencing Chepstow?

    Is it a field or garden? Is the rabbit netting necessary, that will increase the price as the labour is quite a bit more. Price wise, between £4-£5 pm if you can get someone local in. (That's standard stock fence using sweet chestnut, not inc. rabbit netting)
  24. MooresFT

    Cordwood wanted In Devon/cornwall

    Where are you and would you be interested in Oak?


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