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  1. Yet another reccomend me a wood burner thread!

    Morso squirrel recommendations from me. Had it in the living room for about 15 years, it's lit every winter evening. I've replaced 1 side brick and throat baffle in all those years. Easy to light, clean and kicks the heat out.
  2. Recommend a brushcutter

    I went for the FS 460, what a beast of a cutter. Plenty power never gets bogged down or the head wrapped up with crap. With the mulching kit on it eats brambles and brush. I run it on Aspen, starts first time runs faultlessly, harness is not much cop so bought a husky balance X one.
  3. just how cack are navaros?

    I've had a work double cab Navara for 6 years. Think it's the Renault engine. Other than a heater matrix being replaced at 20K it's been a good truck. It's currently got 130,000 on the clock and still going strong. Regularly do 200 + miles a day in it,it pulls boats, horse boxes and works off road. Will sit on motorway at 80 all day,or drive up to N Wales on little roads with plenty poke. Far better than the two previous Defender TD5 's which were always in for repair and 1/2 the price. The drivers seats a bit worn, other than that no issues.
  4. FS 460 Brushcutter no grease point??

    Nope mine dosent have a plug, i wondered about greasing. Did some Google'ing at the time and Stihl says its to prevent over greasing and pressurising the bearings or some such. Suppose car wheel bearings last a lifetime without regreasing, only time will tell! Beast of a machine though.
  5. Izuzu rodeo 2.5 or ford ranger 2.5?

    Mines an 11 plate,with snug top back on in grey.was about £12,000 when new but company bought 10 of em which is why they were cheap. Came with climate control,Bluetooth,alloys ect as standard. I think out of all of them i tried the Toyota was the best but came in the most basic spec,when you started adding bits to bring it up to the same level of spec the price got too high. The Rodeo was ok ,just not as good as the Navara imo. The ford was agricultural in comparison was due for a major update,which i think they did the next year,not driven one of the new ones. Test drive a few see what you think.
  6. Izuzu rodeo 2.5 or ford ranger 2.5?

    I trailed both for a week at a time and the Toyota. We eventually went for Navara's. The Isuzu was better than the Ford,but a bit plasticky. Navara( accenta) was just nicer to drive,stronger,more bhp,better standard extras. Only thing I've changed on it are the headlight bulbs,higher wattage ones fitted. It's on 120,000 miles still going strong.
  7. which log splitter???

    I've got the 8 ton lawnflyte petrol one think it's the same as the Titan,had it two years. Had a problem last month with the ram not returning, but it just needed adjusting. I've found it to be fine,splits everything I've thrown at it old oak,sycamore,ash,pine. Frugal on fuel,i store it indoors during winter and in wood shed during summer, weighs 125 kg so takes two people to shift has small wheels. I split on top of another round of wood as the ram is high from the plate, only got a small sized log burner, Morso squirrel .
  8. Avoiding a smokeout

    I get it very occasionally with mine,when there is no wind at all. I open every vent and door and light a bit of newspaper to warm the flue. Blowtorch is a good idea never thought of that.
  9. Ms170

    I've got the sthil version of one if those in the shed, never use it if you want one? ( as new)
  10. Strimmer / brush utter harness

    Evening folks bought a new FS360 cm brush cutter a few months ago, I'm extremely impressed with it but not getting on with the Stihl harness that came with it.I find the shoulder straps slip off my shoulders. Can people recommend a good replacement one? Husqvarna balance xt harness looks nice, anyone recommend it, best price. Cheers.
  11. Lawnflyte LS65P splitter help

    I had a poke and a prod,cleaned it up can't get it going. I'll take it in tomorrow,wheels are pretty crappy for something that weighs 125 kg!
  12. Lawnflyte LS65P splitter help

    I was thinking it might be that rod,I've had a look and can't see anything stuck in there. I wondered if it had vibrated loose inside somewhere. I'll try as you suggest and give it a whack. It did slow down a few times on the return before it stopped though!
  13. Morning folks, need some advice on the above splitter. Got a problem splitting this morning, return action got slower for a couple of returns then stopped in the down position and won't return. Engine running fine, hydraulic oil level good. No leaks or pipes loose. Any suggestions, before I have to return it, which is a faff to drag it on wet ground to where I can get a trailer to.
  14. Which one?!? Argh!!

    Good choice, I'm v happy with my 362 c-m. Enjoy.
  15. Gutless navara

    My Nav's now done 108,000only problem was a heater matrix which went around 10,000. Love it, far better than the two new Defenders I had before! 90 county cost £15.000 alone in repair/servicing over the 150,000 miles I had it for.


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