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  1. Lack of sales, supply and demand. Warm winter, heating oil at 27p and far too many people supplying. The average customer buys on price. Firewood was the big estate thing here now the bottoms fell out.
  2. It's good for firewood burns hot but takes at least two years when split to get down to 25% and must be kept dry as turns to pulp.
  3. The photo has a fairly wide consistent ring width. I'm guessing it's southern French oak (sessile I would guess as it can grow faster). We have a lot of sleepers in the builders merchants here far cheaper than I can even buy the tree! As for red oak and turkey both are shocking out doors rotting within five years. But red oak is often the oak flooring in diy stores and is used a lot in America for timber framing (same strength as English/white oak). Turkey oak is used extensively in the med particularly for boat building hence being brought here but rots in our humidity.
  4. Yes stag beetle grub. Protected species I feel.
  5. Is that not why we heap to allow for settlement? How are the kilned packed crates affected by weights and measures, what about an attic load of cord sold by volume with air deducted is that recognised?
  6. Does it not state "goods that you own, OR goods that you have used or will use in the course of your work"? It states OR not AND?
  7. You asked the same question and had it answered by Justme in the trailer deliveries thread two weeks ago. Firewood are goods that you own so are not hire and reward. Firewood is an integral part of a lot of forestry businesses and now to a large extent agricultural enterprises, I don't see many agricultural types worrying about tacho use when delivering by trailer around Norfolk? We have many college kids thundering round in 30 tonne tractors delivering maize for biogas who more likely to knock down the little kiddies!
  8. Far more logs, the Land Rover really notices 4 m3 of oak so in my opinion and having weighed the loads you get more wood buying bigger logs, it works out about half a loose cube on 4 m3 of 18" but is half the time to prepare and deliver.
  9. A trailer load of my 20" oak thrown logs weighs more than a trailer load of my 8" thrown oak logs.
  10. Yes I have a winch dusty in the box!
  11. Yes this is oak, it found it was better with holding the saw back from the cut and not letting the powerless get ahead but difficult as the weight of the saw moves it forward faster than the tip. I'm going to go with a slack chain thanks Alec it's annoying on the 3120 and 395 as no side tensioner so often just carry on.
  12. Have been milling with the 3120 and hard nosed 36" bar. Am experiencing severe judder through the mill so much so that both hands absolutely kill by the end of the board. This is on a new chain so not a sharpening issue. Any ideas? Does a roller nose makea Any difference. Is a 36" 404 roller nose available?
  13. Customers of mine who have tried it have always complained that it burns too fast, is there any truth in this and that kiln drying chemically changes the wood so burns faster?
  14. I quite agree with the benefits to large scale producers. What does miff me is the numerous adverts stating that kiln dried is in some way superior to my air dried product. Yesterday I took out air dried birch at 18%, hemlock and pine reading 17% tested on a fresh split face. The firewood market is full of enough hot air and guff without something else confusing an already confused customer.


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