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  1. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    Wood-Mizer Open house

    Come and view the WM1000, LT40, LT20 and LT15 at our open house 7th and 8th April 2017. Register on line Wood-Mizer Sawmills UK Sawmills UK for your chance to win a box of blades. here's a link with further details. Wood-Mizer April Open House - See the WM1000 in action and more! | Wood-Mizer UK
  2. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    April Open House

    Come and view the WM1000, LT40, LT20 and LT15 at our open house 7th and 8th April 2017. Register on line Wood-Mizer Sawmills UK for your chance to win a box of blades. Wood-Mizer UK April Open House_A5 flyer_web.pdf
  3. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    Calculating flooring

    Give Copford sawmill a ring, i'm sure they will be able to help you out. Alex or Harry 01435 813472 07851 056920
  4. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    Pippy Oak & more

    Andyd1606 - how was the demo? Have you looked at the Timbery M100? Timbery portable sawmills & blades
  5. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    woodmizer wm3500/4000?

    Hi Graham, if you have concerns over narrow band, have you considered the Wood-Mizer Wide band WB2000? if you would like to discuss further please call me on 01622 813201.
  6. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    APF Forestry show

    It's that time again! APF 2016 takes place at Ragley Estate, Alcester, Warwickshire 15/16/17th September. We will have our standard LT40, LT20 and LT15 mills on display/Demo along with a couple of new products. Come along and see us in the demo area. SPECIAL DEALS ON ALL MILLS ORDERED AT THE SHOW! The Timbery range of products will also be displayed on our stand.
  7. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    What Blades Are You Using In Your Woodlands Mill?

    Hi, If you would like to call me on 01622 813201, I would be happy to discuss blades with you. We can supply blades in any length, 32mm or 38mm width and various profiles to suit the timber you are cutting. Our standard blades for an LT15 are currently £175 for a box of 10.
  8. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    Woodmizer hire job

    Did you manage to get hold of a contract miller? if not, give me a call on 01622 813201 and i will check to see who we have in your area.
  9. <p>Hi Will, very glad to hear that you have sorted the issue. like you say, can be a pig of a job, but very satisfying once you get it done.</p>

  10. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    clamping shorter lenghts for milling

    once you have moved the clamp in to hold the wood, nudge the clamp down to pull the outer edge of the timber onto the bed rails.


    <p>Would you be able to supply me these blades 35mm x 1.1hook (22mm pitch) raker x 4420mm. Hope that all makes sence! I think its the double hard range I would require.</p>

    <p>If this is possible could you please give me a price.</p>

    <p>Many thanks </p>

    <p>Clinton Jones.</p>


  12. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    Logosol sawmill

    What length are the blades ? £250 seems quite high. Timbery blades are £95 +vat from us, maybe we could get blades for your mill cheaper.
  13. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer


    Hi Grant, maybe you would like to give me a call on 01622 813201 so we can discuss your requirements. i could also give you details of owners that you could call to get their opinions. Regards Dave
  14. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    Welcome to the Wood-Mizer Forum

    Hi, This forum is for the benefit of all products supplied by Wood-Mizer.
  15. Dave_Biggs@Wood-Mizer

    Welcome to the Wood-Mizer Forum

    We want to create a place where people can discuss tips/issues and we can all contribute to help each other out. Also, WM’s marketing team is busy working on producing videos from the UK and around Europe that can give you ideas for business opportunities, and see how others are building successful sawmill businesses. We hope that this forum will be a useful and informative tool for all Wood-Mizer owners, present and future.


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