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  1. Great on a 16" 241. Cheap too :)
  2. At least they managed to put a spiral around 1 of them.
  3. Newark to Grantham area. If someone offers you a 1 day ols MS241 and Husq 445 saw .....rest assured, they are worth the £50 they want.
  4. we use the Stihl sprayers.....very comfy ( esp the 18L). Relatively cheap - unlike CP. Lasted us 2 years doing highways and forest work.
  5. Hi, Anyone got any good experience with them?? I would like some, just not sure how far the tech. has gone. Any help appreciated!!!! Thanks
  6. Got hold of some parallel timber hooks, worked a treat. After moving 120 of them, i'm pretty sure it is 75% lead, 25 % granite in there!!!! Never thought of improvising with a ratchet hook though....bugger!!
  7. I recently looked at the Toro range. They appear to be up to it and within budget. Worth considering maybe??
  8. Yes, I was going to use those as a backup. Checked earlier and they have *vanished*!! I see Stanton and FR do the timber version, but, at over £20 it's a little pricey!!
  9. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the hooks for shifting the beasts??? To clarify, its a giant fish hook with a T-handle. Needed ASAP in either W.Yorks or the Newark/Worksop area. Any help appreciated!!!!!! Cheers.
  10. I paid about 1500 all in. Prices vary soooooo much though!!!
  11. Hi, I have FB accounts for the business, both personal account and business. (search Thorndene Forestry in FB). I have used the personal one since day dot and the business one I set up recently. My website links to the personal. Can I transfer all the personal site to the business site and alter the website link?? Or upgrade the personal site to business?? Hope this made sense!!!!! Cheers.
  12. Anyone used a strimmer for the rougher jobs
  13. Looked at the Grillo one. Are they as good as they seem?? Unable to get a demo from dealer. Reluctant to buy not knowing if its practical.


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