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  1. Hi I am an experienced climber of 9 years. I am going to be in Cornwall near Truro in April and I am looking for contract climbing work. If anyone can offer anydays or knows of any good companies to contact it would be much appreciated. I have all relevant tickets and equipment. Many thanks
  2. Hi Alfie It's James I studied with you at merrist wood. I live in Bristol as well now. Give me a shout we should go for a beer. 07572700085.
  3. Hi all I am freelance climber with just over 3 years experience. Studied at Merrist Wood on the 9 weeker and looking for work in the Surrey and Hants area. Recently arrived back from living and working as a tree surgeon in Canada. Trying to get a name in the area. Hard worker pm me if you need a subbie or want more info. Cheers James
  4. Hi Ant I have just got back from living and working in Vancouver for 2 years. Some of the bigger companies are more likely to hire you and sort out a visa. Try Davey on the island or Bartletts. if you want anymore info let me know. Or just email all the companies someone will get back to you. Bc is a wicked place. Good Luck
  5. Hi all, I recently posted a thread on some windthrown Oaks I have been asked to mill for some friends. After speaking to a few people in the know the job is a pretty big undertaking for a newbie (no surprise really). I am wondering if there is anyone in or around the Isle Of Wight who would be interested in milling it? or picking it up with a hiab. Check it out in the previous thread below and pm me if you are interested. Cheers
  6. Thanks Alec that's great. I live in Farnham Surrey, but the tree's are on a friends farm on the Isle of Wight.
  7. Hi all I am looking for a bit of advice please. I have two decent size Oak tree's that went over in the storms last winter. The owners would like a table out of one of them and a few other pieces and to sell the rest. The access isn't to bad but I think they will have to milled where they have fallen (the edge of the woodland). I would like to do it myself with an Alaskan mill. I was wondering how best to cut it up (boards, planks, beams etc) and how much it would be worth roughly? What size saw, bar and which mill and chain to use? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance. The measurements are relatively rough just done with a basic tape measure. Access to tree in the first picture. Oak section 1 Core trunk 409cm length 97cm width 310cm circumference Oak section 2 Right branch looking up tree from root 46cm wide 198cm length 175cm circumference Oak section 3 Left fork 69cm wide 150cm long 257cm circumference Oak section 4 Left branch upper fracture 168cm length 64cm wide 185cm circumference 2nd tree Core trunk 450cm length 81cm wide 224cm circumference Upper branch 185cm length 140cm length 213cm circumference
  8. I have just returned from Canada and I am looking for work in the Surrey area commutable from Farnham. I have 3 years experience and cs 30,31,38 and 39. Pm me for c.v and contact details. Cheers


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