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  1. Interesting thread, this is for sure something I also want to do in the future!
  2. Full 25-30 ton trailer with crane was around 41 stacked cubes for me with hornbeam. So around 55 loose cubes or 1m³ builders bag would be my estimate. The supplier sells them as 58 cube loads.
  3. Anyone made one here? These look awful expensive tbh, would like to try one though.
  4. Interesting results. Thanks for putting all the work in, really enjoy following the process!
  5. Quite a difference, but what's the moisture content?
  6. This should do it. Nice machine!
  7. Where did you get the grapple Wainy? Do you have a link for it? Looks nice.
  8. I would go for speed. I've made a 16 ton with a cycle time of 5,5 seconds (14"/36cm stroke) and love the speed. It splits almost everything with a small but 12"/30cm tall wedge, I did have some oak and hornbeam/ironwood that was really hard to split though. With 3000 psi and 42 lpm, you're aiming for +-50cm stroke? Depending on the wood, the extra tonnage may be useful.
  9. Have a look at the Hiab, Hmf and Maxilift cranes and you'll have a good idea about the weight for the size crane you want. They aren't cheap but built simple so getting an older one to revive would be possible. I bought a Hmf 150T myself a few years back and have it on a trailer (max 200kg at 3,5m). I would go with 4 stabilisers for that sort of reach. You'll need a pump or powerpack to run it. These are pretty slow btw, I've got a slightly bigger pump on mine to improve it a bit. Don't know the law there but they probably need to be checked yearly if it's for commercial use. With that kind of reach, you'll probably have a 2 piece boom instead of 1.
  10. This link can give you an idea: http://www.boehlerjosef.at/k_02-2014_at.pdf Prices for Austria since August. That's the latest I've found online.
  11. Some 54mm P&C's will fit without a problem, others won't. Depending on how old the case is you'll need to adapt the holes in the cylinder base to fit and it's best to change the bolts from M5 (064) to M6 (066). When these changes are needed, you'll probably also need to grind a little bit on the cases to clear the piston. I've got a old 064 here with a 066 P&C on it and that fits without adapting anything, just replaced the crank, case and piston (new Meteor) and that happened to fit also. The original case had 1.1 stamped on it, the new one is stamped with 2.1. So hard to say when a 54mm will or will not fit without trying it out.
  12. Typhke

    Stihl Pro Models

    The regular Stihl 034 was different from the 036, smaller cylinder (46mm vs 48mm bore). The 034 Super had the same displacement as the 036 if I recall correctly (both 48mm). I think they were somewhat country specific, although they both were available in Belgium. Don't know the reason behind it. The current 441 and 461 are as far as I heard completely different styles of saws. While the 441 is very smooth and has the m-tronic, the 461 should have quite a lot more torque and hasn't got a m-tronic version (yet). So it's smooth but powerful vs raw power I think.
  13. I've used Flowfit for most of my hydraulic splitter parts, I've been happy with their products and their prices. Their customer support could be better sometimes (incomplete deliveries because a product was on back order without any notice, products "in stock" weren't in stock, delaying a shipment without notice, etc) so I would advise to figure out exactly what you need, because it was sometimes hard to get the right info from them. I suppose you need a 12V motor combined with pump, 1 or 2 hoses and a ram? Can be single or double acting depending on your wishes.
  14. There has been talk in Belgium about taxing houses based on how much roof surface they have. The government gets creative when they see a possible revenue. Has been a while ago though, think they dumped the idea, but for how long?
  15. yea, 1 turn out for both. Then fine tune it for optimal performance. Idle rpm should be around 2500, WOT around 13 500 rpm.


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