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  1. Peruvian Pepper Tree....Schinus Molle, very popular here in the Canary Islands, quite invasive and fast growing, the council give them away free to encourage re greening.....
  2. Pepper tree reduction to make a cat friendly climbing frame thing.....
  3. Hmmmm....I bet, can't afford one though.....
  4. Use it and a Zubat up palm trees, both equally ace
  5. That's what's happening I think......a lot of my jobs are in huge tall Washingtonias that haven't been touched for years and virtually all the waste is rock hard dry frond....
  6. Thanks for the continued replies, all appreciated. Don't know what to do now, think might by a Lorry instead. .....
  7. Trying out a secondhand Vermeer BC600XL....might be a bit small, will see....have a mountain of fronds in various stages of hardness and size to test......
  8. I would engage the services of a solicitor and find out exactly what can be done.
  9. Great information here, thanks very much everyone. I'll continue research !
  10. They're very mixed up and sad trees with issues stemming from their childhood.....
  11. True. I am possessed of a flamethrower.......
  12. Cool, thanks. I'll check it out. The mulch thing is for my own garden...it's huge and full of things that need mulch.....we'll see! Thanks, J
  13. What type of machine are you using? Personally, I haven't chipped fronds yet, and we didn't have palm trees in Scotland before we emigrated! So I'm on a learning curve....I have read that there are a lot of reported problems due to the fibrous nature of fronds, which seems likely ....ideally I'd like to get a second hand chipper and turn the fronds into mulch...
  14. Fabulous, thank you, will check them out. Might be just the job.....
  15. yes, thanks for that, i had forgot totally about shredding type things... will do some research


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