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  1. JayD

    Stihl MS181 problems

    Stihl dealer said there is a small amount of adjustment on these but probably wouldn't make any difference.....
  2. JayD

    Stihl MS181 problems

    Yep that's the way Ive always started it and air filter ok and always cleaned after use so no crap can get into fuel! The Stihl dealer that serviced it has taken it back today to look at it again, no charge apparently! Has said he'd give me £50 for it towards a band new one (£225) so see what happens now.... I might get more on eBay tho as a non starter as there's plenty of compression.
  3. JayD

    Stihl MS181 problems

    I always empty any fuel thats left and it gets used every 2/3 weeks anyhow. I thought these saws didn't have an adjustment on the carb??
  4. JayD

    Stihl MS181 problems

    Yes it ran and started fine straight after the carb clean/service but then gradually became a sod again... I would have thought the dealer would have checked the fuel line?! A new one of these is around £220 so need to draw a line on spending any more money on it as its had about £100 spent on it already....
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can maybe point me in the vague direction of potentially being able to fix a starting problem with my Stihl MS181, otherwise it's going on eBay for spares..... Basically it's a sod to start and sometimes just won't start at all. When it does start it takes 12-15 pulls and revs its tits off until you touch the throttle, when it dies. Its been fully serviced with a carb re build and ultrasonic clean. My Stihl dealer that did the work said it may need a new carb, but that seems ridiculous seeing as its only 3 years old and the cost without fitting is £100!!! i could buy another saw second hand for that, nearly. So before I resign it to the scrap heap of eBay, any ideas anybody??? Much appreciated in advance.


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