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  1. Need couple of loads of old wood chip for mulch, would prefer to collect as don't want to send people to the clients house, i don't have four wheel drive so would need to be accessible, happy to load it myself but loader would be great ( long shot)
  2. 13hp chippers

    Changed it to Briggs 18hp got it from uni power, dunmow Essex so not too many miles away but hopefully you will never need it, was 1300 all in
  3. 13hp chippers

    Interesting thread this one to me as I have both the chipper mention by the chap that started the thread had it for over a year and up to a month ago it had done every tree I have done, cracking little machine will do 4 and a bit inch as long as u keep it fairly straight, I have also purchased a timberwolf 18/100, I think the capabilities of the 18/100 is about the same I think but the timberwolf loads into the truck much better, be careful with used as usual as my engine blew up after a couple of weeks, so new engine on and apart from not having to load on a trailer and that it loads the truck better not much in it, I have kept the small chipper as a back up and so i can still do the narrow Acess jobs still. Don't know if this helps with any choice of yours but thought I would share,
  4. Timberwolf 18/100 engine

    Must have been typing as your wrote that, I did have a good look through eBay must have missed that
  5. Timberwolf 18/100 engine

    Thanks for the replies, I did give timberwolf a call but they don't do the engines but they recommend universal power in dunmow as you did, great company very helpful and picking up the engine tomorrow as the manifold has to be over nighted to them so I have a long weekend ahead, I hope I can figure it out then have a chat with someone about welding the two parts of the exhaust together, here's hoping wish me luck
  6. Timberwolf 18/100 engine

    So had my tw a month now after struggling to change the blades because of the shot heads on them but that's all sorted now, but my engine started knocking whilst using it stop it as soon at I could in the hope to save it, but failed to save it and now need a new engine it's got a kholer 18 Hp on it now, I phoned a couple of places locally but no luck on a replacement but no luck one place suggested that would b better with a Briggs n Stratton but they said the exhaust would have to be cut n shut to fit the engine on, would anyone suggest to get a Honda instead or stick with kholer Bit long winded but Does anyone know where to get a new engine for the chipper that will drop straight in thanks in advance
  7. Timberwolf 18/100 blade bolts

    No sure of the size
  8. Timberwolf 18/100 blade bolts

    Can anyone help me with a link for blade bolts do you think it's worth replacing with torx bolts, I've just brought a 18/100 and the Allen key heads for the blades are shot and rounded by owner before me and their stuck in any tips on how to get them out would be great, thanks for help in advance. Cheers Alex
  9. Thanks for reading and replying, I've had a lot of help from good people, I'll keep people updated as I go, cheers
  10. I've only ever posted a couple of time about different things but liked looking and seeing from a far what's going on on arbtalk, with the negativity around on here I thought I would share this, bear with It's probably a long winded affair. Apologies for the spelling in advance So I sit here thinking about the past year, today a year ago I applied to college for my ten week tree course to get a small chunk of knowledge and my starting tickets. I've been gardening since the age of 8, I'm now 24 and loved every minute of it, having done my hort course, and wanting to build on it with something a little different so back to college I go for my arb course, so on arb talk I go turns out there's a tree firm near me that need a groundy me wanting to know more get in touch he's says he need someone for a couple of days so I booked them off work and the fun begins, green tree works glemsford, had a fun couple of days thanks, back to work I go working evening and weekend gardening to save money for college, the Summer goes through and September is here finally I do the ten week course and finish in December wow I've got a lot to learn, but thanks to tutors and mates how backed me up all the way, with my new tickets and little knowledge and consent eye on arbtalk I've spent the last two and a bit month doing tree work and gardening buying saws, climbing kit, truck and chipper as I go and loving life, working my but off to get to here long may I keep working hard, a year on I'm digging a customers allotment as the light fades it seems that life hasn't changed I'm still chasing the dream of being self employed but life's good I intend to leave my job in the end of April to go self employed and subbing for anyone that wants me. Told you it would be a long one hope it wasn't too boring thanks for your time if you got this far,
  11. This might have been talked about before, but was just wondering where people started, I'm looking at a fairly cheap ldv tomorrow and just wondered who was in the position to save for a pricey truck and who started with cheap truck and built from there, what did u start with?
  12. Hedge supplier

    I would personally recommend hope grove nurseries based in Kent never been but very good postal service Hedges and Hedging Plants | Garden Hedge Nurseries - Hopes Grove Nurseries Kent UK Hope that helps Good luck Mills
  13. Wanted Timberwolf 13/75

    Hi I'm after a Timberwolf 13/75 chipper. I know there are a few on eBay but was wondering if anyone on here has one for sale around the £1200 mark. Thanks.


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