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  1. Working in Germany

  2. Note For Thieves Trolling The Site .

    Well Done!!!
  3. Do you need licence?

    AH HA!!! That's what I'm getting at. Pro use as a ticketed employee. So a home owner can totally goto eBay and buy anything they want.
  4. Do you need licence?

    Ok, sorry. Do you not need a CS Cert to Operate, not purchase a top handle saw?
  5. When is it too late to change careers?

    Fantastic thread!!! I'm 43 and want to get out of my "day job" or just have some trigger time when I can. I started tucking in with my CS's last year. Go For It!!!
  6. Do you need licence?

    But don't you need to have a CS38/39 to purchase any top handle saw?
  7. CS38 candidate

  8. Parish council agree to fell tree - how to stop?

    Well, I made it to page 10... Where's the chained up tree nymphs in the pub's garden drinking pints of nectar from the Lord's chalice???
  9. I just got me a new Stihl 201T-C with M-tronic...

    Copy that! Thanks Eddy
  10. I just got me a new Stihl 201T-C with M-tronic...

    I know this is an older string but I'd like to chime in. I was looking for a comparison between the 201 and 193, I Stihl(ha?) don't know what to buy as there are so many slams against the S vs. H top handles. I did however LOVE the comments on Stihl saws with bad track records. I was given a 261 for my CS30/31 and the other Lads had 260's. My saw was fookin embarrassing!!! Yes it cut and I passed but damn that thing had a sh*te tonne of issues!!! I'm glad I trained on a model that I had to coddle and came thru on top!!! On top, that's funny? I came in here looking for TOP handles............ Thanks all for the MYRIAD of FANTASTIC knowledge!!!
  11. Thanks Everybody!!!

    It was a great bit of intense fun!!! I've got CS 32,33,34,35,38,39 in my sights. I did the manual fed woodchipper in March.
  12. Thanks Everybody!!!

    Hello All, Just wanted to say "thank you for my virtual trigger time" since I joined this site!!! Alot of reading has helped me pass my NPTC 30/31 today. Cheers Folks!!!
  13. Knot App updates

    Help! My app has no knots anymore. Wassup?


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