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  1. I get wood for logging. You get hassle free solutions to your logistics. Reliable.
  2. Hi, if anybody needs arb waste removing from jobs free then message me... or if you know anybody who does. Within a 25 mile radius of Enfield. Haulage insured. Safe, tidy and polite. Yard clearances too. Save my number by messaging me or replying. May be handy for you.
  3. Do you often get wood you need clearing away from jobs? If you do the message me.. can take them regularly and have the insurances and equipment the haul them away... or if you know anyone else who might
  4. All good points. I don’t think with the impending green focus that logs will be worth doing much longer. It’s very labour intensive but working with wood is very rewarding in itself. Might turn to turning bowls... can you believe that an article on radio 4 said a bbq is the same as a 100 mile car journey... thing is... it was there fault. Lol.
  5. But I am lucky to know tree surgeons. Nothing is free after all and I know how hard you tree surgeons work; being a gardener, I appreciate the graft involved.
  6. And I find... since I get it free from my uncle... or used to... that I make far more profit at 50 quid m3. Higher volume of trade on the net. Than over pricing.
  7. Yep... luckily I have all the infrastructure in place albeit a massive hit from my uncle moving. Yes. Seasoning and presentation is key... most pubs I sell to prefer my 50 50 mix to hardwood only. It’s better to stack and season correctly. Saves rotting perfectly useful wood if heaped in a big mess.. with the heat and rain.
  8. Where my issue lies is my uncle used to supply me as he is a tree surgeon.. so I found a local farmer who offered me plenty of space and use of his eco burner for the waste... I was making a good profit. Built up a huge database of customers, brought a log splitter and already had a lwb t350 hd transit. Then last year my uncle moved to Cornwall and retired. So have managed to sort out this years stock by picking up from gumtree, buying in and picking up wood direct from some tree surgeons jobs with permission. But need a supply... with my free stuff I get I think I still have an edge to buy in... as it bumps up the quality of the final product too... I value my customers and have worked hard to get it to this point over several years. Turn over about 9 grand... give my landlord say 3 grand if processed wood for rent a year and all is rickety boo. Until my uncle retired to Cornwall. Believe it or not I only do it at weekends too.. through the year. Thinking with the impending green police and excuse the pun (tree huggers) moaning about emissions that my time making money from logs is over. Good fun but hard work. After all I probably make about 12 quid an hour and used to do it all with an axe. Turned me in to popeye though. Something very romantic about Christmas and wood burning. Reminds me of when I was a kid at my grandads small holding. He had an old rickety saw bench and I had to hold the wood why he cut it.. he was a bit mad tho bless him.. sadly no longer with us. Anyways. Thanks for taking the time with the advice.
  9. Thanks for your useful insights. It might still be viable as I get plenty of free arb waste. So I can up the ratio based on the free stuff I get. Problem is the free stuff I get is mainly softwood... so was considering buying in hardwood and selling as 50 / 50 mix of hard and softwood. I can get hardwood at 30 quid a ton in weight.. so can make it viable. Thanks for the ratio confirmation though guys... very helpful and the fact you both roughly concurr is enough for me. Do you think offering a local surgeon a price on arb waste is an idea? I also have the use of an eco burner at my property so can burn waste wood for them..,
  10. Ha... one reply. And it’s a joke... still, made me laugh...
  11. Hi, I am looking at buying in some wood to process. My question is this... most wholesale timber is quoted per ton. How many m3 loads (or ton bags) would I yield from an actual ton (mass or weight) of timber.. as they quote per ton in weight not in m3 which is what I sell them as. Confusing huh!. Basically is it viable to buy a ton in weight of wood for say 30 quid per ton, process it, and then sell it at say 50 quid per m3. I remember somebody telling me once that an artic bulker could carry 26ton in weight of unseasoned loose arb waste... and if processed it should yield 45m3 of final product. So that’s a ratio of 45/26= 1.73. So am I right in thinking that 1 ton at the roadside prices at say 30 quid would produce 1.73m3 of split logs at 50 quid a m3 = 86.5 quid... minus the 30 quid paid equals 56.5 pounds profit.. minus time and costs ect
  12. Hi Tom. Where are you based?


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