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  1. Nice motor Alex O, how much chip can it carry? Never owned a Hilux but was told they were nose light when the back was fully loaded?
  2. never heard of helper springs, will have to look into them, would they work on a 3.5t crew cab tipper?
  3. I looked into this for exactly the same reasons, occasional family wagon/work horse. There just isn't enough space. Kid and king cabs are useless for rear passengers, and double cabs don't have the load space, Its a nice idea but what you'll end up with is a vehicle that doesn't do either job very well. Everything you do to make it a better work horse will make it a worse family wagon and vice versa. Take putting heavy duty leafs in to help with the tipper and chip weight, then watch the kids teeth rattle out when the rears empty, doesn't make for a pleasant journey.
  4. who's the pleb in the video? Its the "sure i'll square you up another day" attitude. I sometimes take on jobs knowing payment could take a few days, customer doesn't get paid until the end of the month etc. but they have the decency to tell you that before you start the job. Its something else to stand there all day inspecting the job, tell you its a grand job, then drive off as soon as its finished!
  5. Hired out a Timberwolf TW13/75G I think it was, needed something for chipping up some Eucalyptus in an awkward garden. £50 per day and what a total waste of money! anything over an inch just bounced off the blades and anything under just sat in the shute. Plus it may be narrow enough to get through a gate but took two men to haul it up the garden. I honestly could have carried the amount of brash it chewed up down the garden to the trailer in a quarter of the time, and the chip was course looking, told the customer they'd have some nice fine chip for the flowerbeds, I'd have made better looking chip if i'd taken an axe to the brash, certainly would have been faster. Are there any micro chippers with a better design that helps pull the brash in?
  6. have a funny feeling about this one, anyone successfully sued a non paying customer? what do you need for evidence?
  7. I fail to see when a pre arranged day has been agreed to do a pre arranged job for a pre arranged price why the customer can't pre arranged payment ready for handing over on satisfactory completion of the job! I'll have to include "WE DO CREDIT, buy now pay whenever" in my future advertising!
  8. Did two jobs today and both customers took themselves off for the day right before the jobs were finished. When you bring someone in to do a job you should at least stick around to pay them or at least make arrangements for payment, not just p**soff. Does anyone have anything in their quote that states payment on completion or any think like it? Sick of waiting for money from customers, i don't take their money then make them wait for my work so why do they think its ok to take my work then make me wait for their money?
  9. tree split into two main uprights about four feet up the trunk, this was the smaller of the two (about a third of the tree), split at the union in a gale, healthy tree but have seen a number of Eucalyptus shed major limbs recently.
  10. was out quoting today and was asked for a price to remove a large chunk of Eucalyptus which had broken off and landed on a shed. Tree belonged to the neighbour but he phoned his home insurer who said "not covered, act of God". The shed owner then phoned his home insurer who said "not covered, act of God" Is this true or just an excuse for home insurers to get out of paying? If i'm driving down the road and a gust of wind hits me and puts me in the ditch, and I phone up my insurer will I be told "not covered, act of God", if my house floods due to heavy rain is that covered or is it an "act of God"? For some reason I thought "acts of God" had been done away with in insurance as they created too big a grey area? in an era where you can claim for just about anything, how can one person be left with damaged property and out of pocket because of something growing in someone else's garden?
  11. thanks folks, as soon as I find the relay i'll get a new one!
  12. I've just been asked for a similar quote, three large dead ash hemmed in by power lines on one side, BT lines on another side, a mature conifer on another side, and an immaculate garden with shrubs, rose beds, and small ornate trees on the fourth side. Customer wants a price to "get them down in one, we'll take it from there" Tried explaining that was the most dangerous and therefore expensive part of the job, she thought £50 was a fair price, but then she did phone me originally to offer me a fallen pine for £300, that's for me to give her £300 for the "firewood". I'd say £200 would be a fair price based on the pics. Two men, one hour???
  13. will see if I can find it and give it the old WD40 treatment. thanks.
  14. Hey folks started up the tipper today and the cooling fan came on straight away, ran the engine for about fifteen seconds then switched it off, but the cooling fan kept running, had to disconnect the battery to knock it off, it didn't come back on once I re connected the battery. don't think its a thermostat issue, what else could it be? thanks.
  15. thing about advertisers is they're not in it for your benefit, sure the semi honest ones will tell you it of mutual benefit but in reality they know nothing about your business or care, they're in it for they're benefit full stop. Just had the local adds for free on the phone, some kid sounded like he was twelve asked how business was going, then replied "I know mate I know". Bollox you know sweet FA about my business. He then offered me a "discounted" advert due to me being such a great customer (despite not being a customer) to help promote the grass cutting side of my business in their February issue.......grass cutting in February???? Then there's the usual speel "we have 30,000 readers" yeah does that mean I get 30,000 jobs out of it? What about the fifty other tree surgeons, gardeners, and handy men offering the same service in the same paper? In my experience the kind of people who phone you through those adverts will phone every person in the phone book, and almost always go with the cheapest price, normally the local tile your bathroom, paint your fence, clear your garage, cut your trees handyman. rant over!
  16. maybe anyone who buys a 395 without knowing what a real saw looks like shouldn't be anywhere near a real saw? they're doing themselves a favour as it will cack itself before they get the chance to kill themselves!
  17. have been told its not safe to burn on open fires, urban myth?
  18. How well does Eucalyptus burn and is it hard or soft wood? Have loads of it in the shed but made the mistake of not splitting it immediately, like concrete
  19. Poor industry wages have been discussed many times and it seems to boil down to this, should an employer pay good wages from the start and risk over paying some lemon who isn't worth a decent wage, or pay a low rate and risk loosing potentially good staff? If I got paid peanuts I'd put in a relevant effort, but pay me well and i'll deliver accordingly. Problem with paying poor wages under the promise of rewards for those who deliver is the fact that many employers pay peanuts no matter how hard you work (spoken from experience). Would it not be better to start new staff off on a good wage but with regular performance reviews? You'll know pretty quickly if they're worth it or not.
  20. I've been phoned up by members of the public looking for "nice pieces of wood" for decoration or some guff they seen on one of these thrifty home makeover shows, but they don't want to pay because "its not for firewood".......... I don't care if you burn it, stack it, do what ever you like with it, your still paying for it.
  21. Thank God i'm not the only one who found educating the public on firewood like talking to a brick wall. Started selling firewood last year, advertised as "Premium two years seasoned hardwood for £50 a cube". Got nothing but headache, customers out with measuring tapes, moisture meters, inspecting every log to confirm it was hardwood (bare in mind most don't know one wood from another), these logs are too big, those are too small, I want them exactly this size blah blah blah. This year I advertised as "builders bag of mixed firewood for £50". Selling like hot cakes. The higher quality you claim the pickier they get.


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