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  1. Climbers death - kick back.

    Hi sorry for late reply. Yes of course there are accidents and incidents in the ambulance service but things are dealt with in a completely different manner. If there is an accident or incident in the ambulance service, depending on the severity, the person involved maybe taken away from practice until the incident has been investigated, they may also be asked to write a reflection of practice on how it could be prevented in future, also a policy maybe introduced that all ambulance personal within that trust (ours covers 6 counties) would have to follow. If there was a death this would be intensified. We have mandatory training which as it states we have to attend each year if not twice a year and will be refresher or update training. Do you have to refresh on any of your tickets or practices apart from First Aid every 3 years?, (which then can be a normal Emergency First Aid at Work course unless you have a contract with the Forestry Commission then its Arb Specific). This is not meant to point fingers and blame but there is a whole world of difference between the ambulance service and the Arb world when it comes to change after an incident. This post has certainly got people thinking which is brilliant and also discussing about the issue. This poor guys life should not be just swept under the carpet and not get people thinking about the seriousness and hazardous nature of your industry. Even if a handful of people reflect on their work practice then brilliant.
  2. Climbers death - kick back.

    Standards need to change, that's for sure.. I never forget when I first joined the Ambulance Service and an arborist fell and went into cardiac arrest due to the fall, it was his colleagues who were the ones initially performing CPR to him. The whole situation was terribly sad and unfortunately the poor guy passed away. I have subsequently taught these guys Arb Specific First Aid and it still affects them to this day, which is bound to do. Accidents do happen generally in life, whether a freak occurrence or human error, but one thing is for sure that an accident in your industry is no way the same as a fight with a stapler. Safety standards need to be improved, something needs to change from these tragic incidents. Thanks Joe for the comments and encouraging food for thought.
  3. Climbers death - kick back.

    Hi Jo. I understand your point but surely this comes down to training?! I spent 3 years with Hazardous Area Response Team where I wore ridiculous amounts of PPE and delivering medical care, whether at height or in bonkers Chemical protection suits, dexterity was certainly a challenge but training was key. I am not saying this situation may have been any different and I am sure the poor guys colleagues did everything. Haemostatic gauze can stop major bleeds rather than a pressure bandage and creating more realistic aerial rescues and more frequent refreshes help. You don't necessarily train in Emergencies every day and being prepared may just help. Its not a judgement but surely something has to be learnt from this and not just assume you may not survive..
  4. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    Coming to the West Midlands is not a problem. Please contact me if you get a chance info@foxmedics.co.uk. I could always ring around also to see if we could get a few more interested. Thanks, Katie
  5. Climbers death - kick back.

    Really very sad indeed. I think it can be very easy to forget that you lot are not only climbing but also using machinary, even on low level the work you do is dangerous. There was a guy several years ago who cut through his neck, the cut was perhaps very different to the story above, but his life was saved due to his colleagues applying first aid. Again I am not knocking what was done for the tragic circumstance above as the whole situation must have been horrendous and I am sure they did everything they probably could. Please do consider completing an Arborist Specific First Aid course. No two medical incidents will ever be the same. My 11 years working for the ambulance service can vouch for that. Please contact me if you are interested in an Arborist Specific First Aid course. Info@foxmedics.co.uk. Thank you
  6. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    Give me a shout if you get a chance and I can see how I can help organise a course for you. info@foxmedics.co.uk. Thanks very much!
  7. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    Thanks Ben! I'm sure I saw you drive by the other day...
  8. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    May need a full course of 12 for North Aberdeenshire and a place to lay my head!
  9. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    I have replied back, thanks.
  10. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    Where abouts are you based? I can easily book somewhere up north and get a few of you together. If you get a chance email me at info@foxmedics.co.uk and we can see what we can sort. Thanks
  11. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    Hi. Yes we do travel as FoxMedics is based in the East Midlands so can travel to where ever the courses are needed. Thanks
  12. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    Hi I am based in the East Midlands and travel all over.. The course is a maximum of 12 for an accredited course and would justify travelling for 5 people. Thanks
  13. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    Hi I am based in the East Midlands and travel all over.. The course is a maximum of 12 for an accredited course and would justify travelling for 5 people. Thanks
  14. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    £99 per person. This includes First Aid book, First Aid bag and accredited certificate upon completion.. Oh and a cuppa and biscuit if your good!
  15. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses FoxMedics will be delivering its very own accredited Arborist Specific First Aid course at three venues in the New Year. All courses are delivered by a HCPC Paramedic and are recognised by the Arb Association and Forestry Commission. Friday 19th January 2018 at Hurst Village Hall in Reading area from 8.30am until 4pm. Monday 22nd January 2018 at Willingale Village Hall in Essex area from 8.30am until 4pm. Friday 26th January 2018 at Frenchay Village Hall in Bristol area from 8.30am until 4pm. If you are interested in one of the above Arborist Specific First Aid courses and would like to reserve a place or if you have any queries about these or courses in other areas then please contact me either via mobile 07900782929, email info@foxmedics.co.uk or website www.foxmedics.co.uk. Thank you, Katie Hateley.


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