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  1. Oh yeah, I'm in the North Somerset/Bristol area
  2. My gearbox needs work on my car and I need some extra cash so I'm selling a couple of things. Please check out the classifieds for more details and pics but up for sale I have a Petzl Sequoia harness, used about three or four times, in as new condition and a Stihl HS82RC Hedge Trimmer, also barely used and run only on Aspen. I hope I'm not breaking the rules by posting in here!
  3. Ah I see, well I don't know why but it feels better not to be alone! I have a feeling that to fix it, it will mean splitting the crank case and replacing the gasket.
  4. I probably should have put this in the Chainsaws forum
  5. I am chasing around an oil leak on my 201, I thought that it was leaking from the bolt hidden under the chain catcher, so I have tightened that and put some thread locker on it and I went round the other loose bolts I could find and did the same, I checked the oil line, cleaned it and put it back in. Now it is still leaking but it looks like the oil tank/crank case gasket, oil is showing where the bottom plastic case/guard meets the oil tank, right on the gasket, I would have thought tightening up the bolts under the side covers would have stopped that unless the gasket is damaged somehow. Has anybody got any experience of this and might be able offer some words of wisdom?
  6. Tsurugi all the way for me, I buy the 300 medium tooth and all my other Silky's have stayed buried ever since, except the terrifying battle axe thing that goes on the end of my honey brothers pole pruner and looks like something from Lord Of The Rings!
  7. Thanks a lot Mick, it was actually reading this thread that made my mind up to relocate, I'll drop @Old Mill Tree Care a message.
  8. Somewhere in Devon or Somerset would be nice but I'm willing to relocate anywhere for the right job. I'm passionate about what I do, I'm very hard working, reliable, I don't take drugs, I rarely drink and I never drink if it risks compromising work, I'm dedicated to safety, efficiency and high standards but at this stage in my career I don't feel I am meeting my potential, I am looking for a quality Arb team that I can continue to grow with and keep learning and challenging myself. Where I am at the moment I feel myself stagnating and I'm getting fed up of scratching around for odd bits of work(mainly gardening and hedging at this time of year) in an oversaturated North Devon, where the only thing that matters is a rock bottom price, so I am willing to go back on the books for the right person and the right money. Please get in contact if you have a space on your team and would like to know more about me.
  9. It's funny reading through comments on this thread because here I am in Devon, competent, I charge £150 a day, I am almost always first on site and last to leave, I work my boots off, I have very high standards, I always work on until the whole team is finished, not just until I'm on the ground, I'm passionate about my work, I have quality kit and yet I am scraping around trying to find work with an ever dropping fitness level because I spend my life trimming privet hedges and strimming banks! I think it might be time to move to another part of the country!
  10. I use a 7 meter rope for the teufelberger CE lanyard with my positioner, at £50/60 for the rope it's a bit of an expensive layout but it seems like a match made in heaven, I've been on that for a couple of years without any creeping, I don't think I'd want to go any thinner though.
  11. For me I can't get on with anything other than the Pfanner finegrips. A pair normally lasts a week of solid climbing, much longer on the ground. Lovely gloves to climb in though
  12. Has anyone tried the new Airstreams yet? They seem to have addressed the wet grip issue by putting metal particles through the rubber. They look good. Expensive though
  13. I think it'll be great for use on the ground but the lack of space across the shoulder blades causes a lack of arm/shoulder articulation, not sure it'll cut it for climbing. Real shame because everywhere else it's a great fit. I never climb in more than a stretchy fleece and merino thermal anyway though so nothing really lost, it just would have been a nice option to have. It's bloody handy when you need to be seen though, I've never come across such a bright and well designed hi viz! To summarise then, it could have been cut better given it's intended purpose and the likely build of its target market, other than that I am well impressed, it seems beautifully put together.


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