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  1. At the risk making light of such serious matters, I kind of chuckled to myself when hearing a particular report outlining the food sector companies to withdraw operations from Russia - MacDonalds, Starbucks and CocaCola to name a few......Sounds like an absolute bonus to me!
  2. Nothing crazy here, 70ft ish Grand fir removal. But had a friend come along and take some proper photos for once!
  3. There definitely needs to be a minimum pressure, but speed is actually pretty crucial, in my experience. Not only is it simply much more productive, but on certain timbers it seems to give the wood less time to react and therefore 'pops' more aggressively than if the cone was going slower. The avant in the photo runs at 66lm, on both pumps. But having said all that 33lm will still get the job done. For me it's not really about making firewood as income, but just processing all the nasty offcuts and big lumps into something useable/sellable, to keep the cycle of things ticking over.
  4. Cheers Mick. Heaviest bit I've rigged, at least that low to the ground, and near a building. Looking now I can see it shifted the bollard. We used the avant the pull the slack out of the rigging lines, and also used it to pull the lump off and limit it's swing in descent.
  5. Thanks Don. Got the oak down in three days, it was well priced so not rushed and enjoyable, which makes a change. There were a couple of large cherries to remove also, so we were there all week, spent half a day putting all the steel edgings and fiddly ground lights back into position! The main house was/is suffering the effects of vegetation related subsidence, so i'm told.
  6. Pretty hefty oak removal, went well though, thank god. Last pic of client's Great Dane 'Henry', who surveyed the site around 11 each day ?
  7. Correct, I have in fact just multiplied what I had laying around and put it in the way of the chip. But, I will endeavour to get it stacked and upload another pic for your pleasure ?
  8. Hired this cone out for my avant to split a load of bits I had laying around. Pretty productive all round, quite a lot of wood split for just an achy thumb on the joystick button ☺️
  9. We've been running a Dowling Aztec for a few months now. Certainly happy with it, somewhat industrial in design and build, but no replaceable parts at all, well I spose the glass could get broken. Each stove made to order by Steve Dowling and team in Scotland, you can have anything you want really, but all the same style built from heavy gauge steel. The Aztec is wood only, best thing about it I would say is the depth of the base so only needs emptying every couple of months, also the door design allows for larger pieces.
  10. A disposable tool really, but the straw bale! I did first see the idea on arbtalk, and it's worth reiterating, absolutely no impact damage at all (on target that it is), great for awkward stems in sensitive areas.
  11. There's the Caron utility vehicle available here, can be ag registered also according to BSG. I doubt they have any used ones, but not crazy pricey new. Caron Series C Utility Vehicle WWW.BSGTRACTORSANDMACHINERY.CO.UK Caron Series C Utility Vehicle - European Approval as agricultural tractor with total mass 5000 kg and towable...
  12. Correct decision. This individual was blatantly a troll. Untrained, unskilled persons giving opinions/advice on such matters is a serious issue.


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