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  1. Well that’s the old girl back in business. The exhaust I ordered was slightly different but a bit of filing and drilling worked. Also fixing bolts were metric and different length to originals so welded up UNC to metric studs. Will do the job. A wee bit of history of the saw, I was working in the Gulf of Mexico in 2001 on a construction vessel in the oil industry, just after 911 when I first spotted this saw which was new and used for cutting up the wooden deck timbers so we could install equipment on the back deck and weld down. Thought it was a well made saw. In 2004 I was back on the same vessel in Aberdeen mobilising equipment to go working West of Shetland. The new Offshore Manager went mental when he saw it and said to get rid of it for Health and safety reasons! The saw was removed from the vessel but wasn’t chucked in the skip......
  2. Thanks for posting, that could well be the back up plan. The exhaust I have ordered was only £7.90 incl postage so no big deal if I can’t make it fit.
  3. Looks similar so have ordered one from China! Hopefully can make it fit. Cheers
  4. Cheers for the help. I can only see the cover on US websites and as you mentioned shipping kills it. Pity there aren’t any in the uk or even Europe. Think I will try get a physically similar size exhaust from another type and modify it or make a cover.
  5. First post, so go easy! Long term lurker though, especially in the firewood forum. I have a Poulan 3450 US chainsaw with a 20” bar. Great for jobs around the farm but my dad was using it and the exhaust rattled off. We now can’t find the front cover or one of the two bolts to hold it on. Have tried looking for a front cover but no luck. Any help appreciated or suggestions - perhaps an exhaust off a Husky might fit? Thanks in advance, John.
  6. Always wondered, how do you get the logs out of an IBC without completely knackering it? They are made of pretty lightweight material aren't they? The only way I can think of is using something like a box tippler with forklift tines


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