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  1. lofty123


    Howdy all if anyone gets offered an 056 with a worn 20inch bar could you let me know please moved house the weekend and the bastards had it outa my van in Kidderminster while i drank a coffee. It was my first felling saw which i had off an old family friend so is more sentimental than used but bloody miss the old girl only distinguishing feature is the worn bar and she has no felling dogs cheers guys
  2. lofty123


    Last time i split a case i used a heat gun and hammer worked well enough but if you find one at a sensible price could you tag a link always like to have interesting lumps of metal in the shed
  3. lofty123


    The carb got delivered yesterday going to do a leak down test while they're stripped. Has anyone tried taking the mtronic system out? Ive got carbs and ims to replace it with
  4. lofty123


    Looks healthier than mine mate literally got a box of 4 saws in bits they've all been run out so just seeing if they can be brought back to life lol
  5. lofty123


    Hi all thanks for all the replies im working on the theory that the carbs are goosed changed all of the common parts over to no avail so ordered a cheap Chinese carb to test with if that works il be chopping out the computer management and see how it goes
  6. lofty123


    Evening all I've been handed 3 261 and a 261c from work the 261c is the newest so thats the one im working on atm. When fired it starts and runs like a bag of nails sounds like its 4 stroking and it will not rev when i press the throttle it just bogs but keeps running crap. out of interest i swapped the pot, piston, carb and ignition module of one of the 261 to see what it would do. Exactly the same problem. Any ideas the saws were free so not overly fussed if its a dead duck but interested to see if i can get any of them going.
  7. Yep gone all round it with ecc and air no difference think it must be a dodge connector in the chainbrake somewhere
  8. Nope they all work fully charged bloody stupid machines
  9. Nope no difference with the break on or off
  10. Morning all I've been handed the electric top handle this morning it appears the service light is on and the saw has stopped running is it possible to reset the machine or is it a dealer only thing? All the best tom
  11. Is that the ignition module?
  12. Morning all I've been asked to look at a friend's 201tc that's playing silly buggers. Took it out for a trial last week and it cuts fine on small to medium branches 1-4 inches but as soon as you try to use the dogs teeth to roll it into a cut it cuts out, it does the same if you push on the handle while cutting. I'm thinking its an earth fault as the saw dies so quickly. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced the same of had any other ideas before I start out stripping the saw down.
  13. Hi arbourmonkey are you looking to sell her?
  14. Hi guys. Ive had to send my old arb truck to van heaven and been lured into buying an ldv, as im sure you can imagine its gonna need some work doing! Does anyone know a good fabricator in the Shropshire area that would be able to help me cut the bed down and fit a chassis mounted tool box plus the usual rot repair lol. Regatds tom
  15. Hi guys im having some greif with starting my saw it takes ages to start running up and down the choke it runs great when I get it started and starts fine from warm but will take 30 to 40 pulls to get it started from cold I know its only a domestic but its a great chipper saw. Any ideas


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