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  1. The Wee Chipper Club

    Hi Andrew, any chance of some video of your machine and what its capable of ? I have a couple of the M300 on YouTube but would love to see what the smaller machine can do.
  2. self propelled chipper (Shreks wee chipper)

    Hi, that post was from January 2015 but yes you are right, it is a seriously good bit of kit. I have a couple of videos of it on YouTube. Would like to see what the M200 is capable of, any chance you could get some video of it in operation and post it up ?
  3. The Wee Chipper Club

    Speak to Dean at Global Recycling (main dealer). I got an M300 off him and have been very pleased. Gets through a lot of work for its size.
  4. The Wee Chipper Club

  5. The Wee Chipper Club

    Coletti, it sounds like you have some good experience with your machine and you know how to get the most out of it. Is there any chance you could get some video of you using it and feeding it a wide range of stuff ? I would really like to see what it can do in the right hands.
  6. The Wee Chipper Club

    Can someone who has an M500 please make a video of it working. I looked all over and have only ever found the one made by Jo Beau. It would be great to see what this machine can really do.
  7. My new rigging kit

    He is a new climber and is struggling with money too from what I hear so I will let him off this time ....... when he has reduced it down to 30m he should have enough saved up to buy me 20m i can stick on the end !
  8. My new rigging kit

    Thanks, that will save me some money for now ........... nearly enough for a new rope ! Lol
  9. My new rigging kit

    Thanks for your input Johny. Looks like a good product and not too expensive either. I have three pinto rig pulleys at the moment. Could I use these for diverts or are they not as suitable as your ones. ( not as strong I notice as they are 50kn and yours are 70kn) Is the swing cheek design a better option ?
  10. My new rigging kit

    Thanks everyone for all your replies so far, it is really appreciated I got out yesterday and used the kit for the first time and am very happy with it. Im glad I didnt go with the rc3001 now as I believe it is 3 times heavier and the rc2001 is a solid bit of kit which im sure will do everything I need for now. I stayed on the ground yesterday to run the rigging and on the first cut of the day with my shiny new rope I hear the climber shout out "sorry I caught the rope with the chainsaw !" Seems now I will be able to do pretty much any tree upto 22.5 metres !
  11. My new rigging kit

    Hi, just took delivery of some stuff I thought would be a good first kit but would also do some bigger stuff if needed. I just wanted to check that these items will all work ok together or if I need to swap anything before it gets dirty ! Kit consists of: Stein RC2001 - 2000kg Stein RC3100 - 150kg wll DMM small impact block 200kn mbs / 40kn wll DMM pinto rig 50kn mbs / 10kn wll Yale 19mm polydyne 1 eye (5m) 9409kg mbs Yale 19mm polydyne 1 eye (8m) 9409kg mbs 2 x 2t wll padded straps 6 x tape slings 24kn Teufelberger sirius 16mm (50m) rigging rope 63kn mbl I also have a load of steel crabs and a few other bits which I can use and im hoping to get a 12mm sirius rope in the future for use for small stuff and maybe for a zipline but would also welcome any ideas or suggestions from you guys. Thanks, Andy.
  12. zigzag mk3

    Had my mk3 since November last year. Did not use the mk 1 or 2. Although I probably have not used it as much as most of the guys on here have used theirs, I do weigh about 16st so its probably under more strain than some ! No problems so far and I think its very good. Im also running it with bluetongue 11.7
  13. The Wee Chipper Club

    Another short clip of the M300. [ame] [/ame] Has no problem with green wood but its less keen when I try to feed it the thick dead branch.
  14. The Wee Chipper Club

    Hi, just in case anyone is interested I made a short video of the Jo Beau M300. Have had it for a short while so far and only got to use it a few times but im very impressed with what it will do for a small chipper. Very economical on fuel and will get in to small spaces. It also fits perfectly in the back of a transit size van which means it can be locked out of sight and you can utilise all of a trailer for chip and logs if you need to. [ame] [/ame] The first large branch was green wood and the second one is hard dead wood. It will chip different diameters of wood depending on hardness upto about 3 Inches. P.s. I have no connection with Global Recycling other than buying the machine from them. ( The hi-viz was 'lent' to me when I had a demo at the APF )
  15. self propelled chipper (Shreks wee chipper)

    Thats true, mine is certainly "Fully loaded" The only thing I could possibly add to it now is spinning hubcaps ! Pimp my chipper ?


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