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  1. Thanks for the advice all. Yes i've checked carb settings. I remember seeing the potential problems with the impulse hole when I was putting it back together.
  2. I got the hyway standard size ready for the modern decomp valve, which is now fitted. The old head was the piped type. I did the squirt trick already, that's what lead me to the clamp. I've used that previously on vehicle engines. The new clamp and partition wall will be arriving imminently.
  3. I've had chance to use the saw in anger now, it's not quite right. Doing a little bit of research shows that Husky replaced the plastic clamp on the inlet with at metal one. I think I'll perform the same change and see if it improves things.
  4. I've just finished day 1 of the second lantra occasional user course. Both have been very practical. http://www.lantra-awards.co.uk/Downloads/Training-and-Qualifications/Forest-and-Arboriculture-(duration-etc).aspx If you take a look at the second page. Those are the ones we are completing.
  5. 1. Was in the grounds of Stourhead, Wiltshire. 2. Was in Victoria Park, Bath. 3. Was in Biss Wood, Wiltshire.
  6. I'm no good at IDing here are some I've taken in the last few months....
  7. The new can was in the 2014 brochure but none listed in the 2015??
  8. Hilux double cab, goes almost anywhere. Fill it up with what ever you like and still take 5 people. This one's mine, love it. In the summer I'll also go topless.
  9. Thanks, I'm sure a sugi bar will be on the cards at somepoint but gotta replace PPE first.
  10. I'm gathering pictures to try and get things in order. Could the mods rename the thread to "Jubilee Wood Scout Campsite"
  11. Thanks it's a crown in case it wasn't obvious. I was given the task of taking someones drawing and laying out the markers in the muddy field. Really pleased with how it turned out. We have one of the Jubilee Oaks at the top of the diamond.
  12. Forgot to say, Tesgol/Sawbits/Mike, top service, top guy.
  13. My first and only attempt at turning. Made it for the missus for christmas on a friends lathe a couple of years ago.
  14. I'm an explorer leader too, send me a PM and I'll get everything together. This is it. I'm not particularly wordy more of the practical type. Hence why I've only just posted now. Been a lurking guest for a while. We have woodland on either side so tried to keep to what was here before. The Scots Pine are planted near the pond and are to encourage raptor nesting. As we are close to the Salisbury plain one of the things that is available on google earth is aerial photography from the war. Here is the 'field' in 1945.


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